Monday, 5 June 2017

The Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel In New Delhi Now Just One Click Away

How long has it been that you have taken a truly-deserved break from your hectic work schedule? Rushing to office every day with the stress of presentations, charts, accounts details and what. You have been chasing deadlines for months now, the clock ticks faster for you and day trickles away into night without you even noticing it as you spend hours in the conference room, holding one important meeting after the other. As important as it is for a human body to work, it is equally important for it to rest and relax even for a few days. This why there is this concept of ‘getaways’. A weekend away from unanswered emails, phone calls from your boss or any deadlines to reach, a weekend full of tranquillity and quietness just for you to relax, unwind and let go of all the accumulated stress so that your brain can start over again.

Start thinking about hotels to stay in that will give you the perfect facilities to not only enjoy a comfortable stay but also indulge in some self-pampering and pure luxury. If Delhi is on your mind for your much-needed getaway, there is no other hotel but The Grand which can provide you with the best time in the lap of all the luxury and comfort. Luxury stay in Delhi is best experienced at The Grand where you can relax and revivify at our much-acclaimed Spa Oasis where we offer services like spa, massage, therapy, etc. Other than that, if the way to your heart and mind is through your stomach, then we have the best multi-cuisine restaurants lined up for you right in the hotel. Along with an impeccable service and well-equipped rooms, you can enjoy 5-star living right at The Grand.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Best in the World of Luxury Hotels: The Grand, New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of our vast land, is a celebration of our culture and our diverse identities. It is a place where history meets modernity, where the technological industry is booming and the hospitality industry continues to flourish. It is a land as much of foreigners, as of locals. It is a land where people from different states, cities, or perhaps countries, can come and not feel out of place. Everybody has a spot here, because here street shopping and outlet malls exists in harmony. Here roadside momo stands and 5 star hotels, encourage each other and add to the culinary scene of the city in varying ways. The Grand hotel, New Delhi, among the best 5 star luxury hotels in New Delhi, is a celebration of this magnificent city.

At the Grand, everything is spectacular. We have eight different restaurants for you to choose from, if food is what you are looking to explore. Each with a unique view of the city, and with a unique menu that delights your palate, at the Grand you truly can find the best of the food industry in our country. Be it Chinese, Indian, Continental, savory, deserts, any course, any meal, you are bound to be met with an explosion of flavors, and not just a dish, but rather an experience. Their rooms are the epitome of luxury. With the most comfortable beds and lovely decor, any of our rooms or suites would provide you with everything you are looking for and more, in terms of a luxury stay at the Grand. We have various meeting spaces, for your every public gathering requirement. If you’re throwing a cocktail party, our picturesque Cascades garden could be the perfect spot for your lively evening. If you’d rather stay in doors, they’ve got a number of beautiful halls for you to choose from. We’ve got various sizes of meeting spaces, depending on how many people you’d like to accommodate, and the nature of the gathering. Our rejuvenating spa is just another wonderful reason for you to hurry up and book your stay at this 5 star luxury hotel in New Delhi. We have various packages for you to choose from, to give your body and mind that much needed, and much deserved break. At the Grand, New Delhi, we know what luxury means to you, and we deliver. We work towards giving you the best version of luxury during your stay with us, because we know you’ve strived hard and lost a lot of hours of sleep to get to a point where you can gift yourself this.

So come over to the home of the Qutub Minaar, of the Red Fort, of music, food and celebration in its modern beauty. Find your way into the heart of your homeland, not the geographic center but the center of everything India is, and everything it is becoming. Come over to the Grand, New Delhi, and we will take care of you like no one else ever has.  For More Info click here :

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Room With A View Only At The Grand, New Delhi

Whenever we go to look for a room, be it in a hotel or in an apartment, we always look for a view, either from the window or from the balcony. If it is in the city, a view of an illuminated cityscape is like no other. All of this is part of living in a space which gives you positive mental mood and an amazing space for you to work or just unwind. If you cannot find yourself an apartment with a view, or if the view from your 2-storey house is blocked by bridges or skyscrapers, worry not. There’s always hotels for that.

Every other individual has this tendency to look for features in a hotel room that one does not have in their rooms. And that is quite justified. When we venture into a vacation or even for a weekend getaway, we want to unwind and relax and get away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. And a room with a view in the hotel just adds a cherry on the top of a well-iced cake. So, if you are looking for a luxury hotel room with city view, The Grand is your best resort.

The Grand is a 5-star luxury property, acclaimed for its well-equipped and lush interiors, impeccable service and its consistency over the years in serving the guests the best of everything that they require while on a vacation.

The Grand’s first priority has always been the guest and their demands. It is on us to make sure that we make your time with us worth it and make it memorable for a long, long time. The Grand has all the facilities which make for the ideal 5-star luxury hotel that one seeks for while on a quiet weekend getaway or much-awaited family vacation. We have 190 luxury rooms and suites divided into all categories for your convenience and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. So, come stay with us to experience what it is to have the perfect room and service to yourself for a few days.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Grand Living Now Available Online

The internet is the rage now. Actually, no. The internet has been the rage for a decade now. It is online buying and selling that is the rage now. It is ‘trending’ everywhere and people are going mad over it. With the help of the internet, it now possible to buy even the basic necessities as well as property online.

And so, it has now so become that everything is online. Even rail and flight reservations can be made online, your whole travel itinerary can be booked online. Now let us assess the advantages of this development. If one has to book rail tickets but has no time to stand in the queues that never seem to have an end, online booking is the best option. Same is the case with flight tickets. Plus, emergency booking or last-minute booking is no issue at all. As far as booking hotels is concerned, online hotel booking has been a boon, not so much in disguise. If you are a foreign national, say, from U.K. and want to pay Delhi a visit or if even if you are a domestic traveller travelling from another end of the country, the only smart idea is to book hotels online where you can simply visit the website of the hotel you wish to stay and book yourself a room. But, as far as quality is concerned, you must go with the best and that is none other than The Grand.

The Grand has been on the top of the chart of the best 5-star luxury hotels in New Delhi due to its consistent efforts at being the very best. The hotel has the most desired service system and believes in treating each guest with distinguished facilities and services. The Grand caters to all kind of guests, whether international or domestic, leisure or business, and ensures that each one of them has a convenient and glitch-free experience with the hotel.

Now that the internet has made everything easy, book yourself a room in The Grand and allow us to make your lives a little easier for a few days.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

5-Star Living Only At The Grand, New Delhi

The 5-star living is the dream, isn’t it? What if you could have a penthouse in New York City, come back from work to candle light dinners, some world-famous chef serving you food before enjoying a luxurious bath at your outdoor swimming pool and following it up with a relaxing drink at your own mini bar. All that is a dream, you think? Well, not really. That’s what luxury hotels are for. If you cannot own a penthouse, you can definitely book a room with a view in a 5-star luxury hotel for a night, right?

And all that you’ve seen in movies will come true to life just like that. This year, gift your special one some pampering, some luxury and your complete time at a perfectly-planned getaway. The perfect hotel room, the perfect view, the perfect dinner along with the perfect company is something every loved one cherishes. Take some time out from your busy, tight work schedule to show that you love and care. And what can be more special than spending it in the lap of luxury, doing everything that helps both of you to unwind and have the best time of the world?

If you must look for a hotel to book to enjoy all of this, The Grand is the farthest you have to look.

5-star hotels are in abundance now in the city of Delhi, but how do you know which is the best? Well, The Grand does not only claim to be the best but has been awarded the Best 5-star Luxury Hotel, 2015. It stands apart from the crowd in virtue of its consistency to serve only the best to its guests and its impeccable service system every day of the year.

The Grand, with its facilities superior to those of any other hotel in its category, has definitely become to be one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi and endeavours to live up to its high reputation and name through not only claims and promises but true actions.

Gift your loved ones the luxury of The Grand.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Luxury Is Right In Your City. You Don’t Have To Look Any Further Than The Grand, New Delhi

Vacations are largely important. They’re now more than just luxury or leisure. We travel to unwind, to relax and rejuvenate our mind. All the work and study stress, running errands, doing everyday tangible, worldly duties makes us feel fatigued after a while. What the body and the mind require then is some first-class relaxing environment where you not only get the opportunity to revivify your mind but also get a refreshed energy to get back to work with new energy and enthusiasm.
Vacations, holidays and getaways are a part of our lives and every family, on an average, goes on a vacation every six months. It is proved to bring families together as you get the perfect ambiance to bond some and spend an amazing time together. But for all of this to go absolutely the way you want it to, you ought to plan from before. Even if it’s an exotic destination, an abroad city or just any metropolitan city in the country itself, it needs proper planning for your vacation to span out well and turn into memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.
In every city, state or countries you visit, the hotel you decide to check-in to acts as your host in the strange land, making it a very component of your vacations.

If New Delhi is next on your travel itinerary, you have got to choose only the best 5-star hotel for yourself and your family to experience ultimate comfort, leisure and luxury. The Grand is a 5-star luxury property situated just a few minutes away from the Delhi International Airport. The hotel caters to guests from all nations, visiting the city for whatever purpose and ensures that they receive all the services which facilitate them to fulfill their purpose of visit. Leisure travelers and business travelers, the hotel serves as one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi for both as we have facilities and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that provide 5-star living like no other.

The Grand, boasting of 390 well-equipped and spacious rooms and suites is one of the best 5-star luxury hotels which keeps the guest’s priorities always first. Our dedicated staff renders its impeccable service 24/7 to make your stay entirely glitch-free and smooth so that your family can enjoy the best time of their lives. Besides that, with 8 outstanding nightlife and dining destinations, gym and yoga centers, outdoor swimming pools, and the much-renowned Spa Oasis have made The Grand the first choice for guests, both international and domestic.

We at the hotel base our actions on the belief that it is not with just mere words and promises that we can fulfill our claims of being the best. Our constant efforts are directed at outliving the old norms of hospitality and setting new standards that no one but The Grand can achieve. Numerous guests that have stayed at The Grand will testify to the fact that the service and facilities they have received from our end are top-notch. To keep it short, once you have experienced The Grand living, there is no turning back from there. Amongst the hundred 5-star luxury hotels in Delhi, all comparisons will lead to one outcome - that The Grand is the best in its class.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Live The Ultimate Luxurious Life Right At The Grand, New Delhi

Delhi is old, Delhi is new. Delhi is exclusive and Delhi is exquisite. Delhi is warm and Delhi is welcoming. Delhi is unlike any other city in the country. Out of the many states and cities in India, foreign travelers choose Delhi as their first destination to experience the essence of India first hand. Delhi’s culture, colours, heritage, and identity are unique to itself and go absolutely unmatched.
For centuries now, Delhi has had a history that is not only rich but also superbly vibrant and hence, attracts travelers and tourists from every part of the world. As a result, the city’s travel and tourism sector grow every day, with more and more travel agents and agencies being set up to cater to the guests and travelers, both business and leisure.
Business travelers are visiting Delhi more than ever because of its growing and developing infrastructure. And it is quite natural that the requirements and preferences of business travelers will be different from that of leisure travelers. Well-equipped conference halls, a superb catering system, and event managers are required to conduct a special and important meeting successfully so that you can shine among your colleagues.
But the objective of every traveller, especially those seeking to combine business with leisure, is to look for a hotel that will fulfill both the purposes. If you think that requires proper hunting, then you are mistaken. For The Grand is situated right close to the Delhi International Airport, ready to welcome you to the magnificent city of Delhi. We provide airport pick-ups and drops so that the guests feel at home right from the moment they land in the city/country. The Grand takes care of all your requirements and makes sure that your purpose of visit, whatever that might be, is fulfilled rightfully. The hotel boasts of 390 well-equipped and elegantly designed rooms and suites which are sure to impress you. To go with that, we have an amazing assortment of 8 dining and nightlife destinations to satisfy the foodie in you. For all those business travelers, The Grand has a sprawling 30 thousand square feet conference-cum-events hall for you to hold your meetings and conferences. The space, well-coordinated by our trained event managers, also hosts marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, and other private events. With The Grand, we always endeavor to make your time spent with us worth it so that you can have the best memories to take back home.

If you are a leisure traveller, traveling with your family, The Grand has exciting offers for you like the Spa Getaway Package. You can enjoy accommodation in the Grand Premium room which is equipped with all the facilities that are fit for a king. Unwind at our Spa Oasis which is much-acclaimed for its unmatched services like spa, massage, therapy, etc. If that isn’t enough for you, spend some time at our yoga and gym center to unwind your mind and body. The Grand is not only exquisite but also exciting. You can enjoy your time with us just the way with us as it is all up to us to ensure that there is never a dull moment during your stay. We believe in unraveling every possibility for our guests which might make your stay a bit more comfortable and definitely far better than that in any 5-star luxury hotel in New Delhi.