Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Best in Luxury Hotels near Delhi Airport

They say luxury is a thing of the privileged, you are either born in it, or you work hard so your children can be. If you are of the latter category, you often need to be reminded, that it is okay for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the now, in the present, as a reward for all the hard work that you do. Keeping everything for later means you can’t stop to smell the roses now, but every future is eventually a present, and if we can’t find it in ourselves to enjoy the now, we’ll spend our days looking forward to the future. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but if you are going to Delhi on a business trip that requires you to be at your best and truly shine, why not put yourself in an environment where work is the only thing you need to focus on? If you are looking for Delhi hotels near airport, for logistical reasons, luckily for you, the Grand hotel, New Delhi is among them. Conveniently located near the airport, it makes it easy for workaholics like you to access and stay in, without having to look elsewhere. The basic benefit that this provides you is that it gives you luxuries which you otherwise wouldn’t have indulged in. However, this will let you focus entirely on your work, because the wonderful staff at the Grand will take care of everything else, so that your mind is uncluttered and you can be productive, or even have a much needed good night’s sleep.

Hotel booking near airport has become immensely easy due to the numerous hotel booking websites, and the Grand’s own website which lets you book your stay. The Grand hotel, New Delhi, has the best of the best to offer in terms of luxury. Be it the exquisite rooms and suites with comfortable beds and beautiful bathrooms, or their luxurious spa in case you need to unwind. If it is food that is your consideration, they have eight of the best restaurants in the culinary industry at your disposal. Who ever thought room service could be this good! If you are looking for a spot to hold one of your meetings in during your stay, the Grand has a number of meeting spaces for you to chose from. They have large banquet halls and conference rooms if that is what you require, but they also have smaller rooms for more intimate, fewer peopled gatherings. Anything you could possibly require from your hotel stay, the Grand can provide.

At the Grand hotel, New Delhi, all your compunctions fade away as your every need is catered to. From logistical efficiency, to need for luxury and relaxation, from your food interests and requirements, to meeting spaces your clients will appreciate, the Grand truly takes care of everything. So don’t while away any more time being indecisive, you know the Grand is the perfect choice, and you are absolutely right. Hurry up and book your stay today. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

A Real Getaway at the Grand, New Delhi

Planning your perfect weekend get away, or a much needed short vacation away from the grueling work that you have been entrenched in off late? Then what you need is an experience in luxury, in being treated like the royalty you are, or want to be, because at the Grand hotel, New Delhi, you can be whomever you want. Leave the luxurious treatment, to us, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy. Why spend your money, time and energy, on a vacation that is too full of site seeing, or is overloaded with activities? If you need a break, genuinely allow yourself to have one; it’s not a vacation if you have to plan and accomplish a to-do list every day that you are away from work. It is absolutely okay to want or need a vacation; you don’t have to prove that a vacation was worth it, if it allows you to relax and rejuvenate, that is all that it needs to be! The Grand hotel’s spa getaway package is just the perfect thing for such a scenario.

Their spa get away package allows you an experience like never before. It understands that you need to, in the real sense of the term, get away from your life for a bit, and this package perfectly provides you with the space to do so. It allows you to disconnect, and be the one being taken care of for a change. It allows you to enjoy the finer things in life, because after all, that’s the reason you have been working this hard to begin with! Let this vacation be one which allows you to recalibrate for the work that you are about to go back to, instead of making you even more tired. It will make you eager to get back to work because it will actually, genuinely allow you to relax, to take a breather.  This, along with an accommodation in grand premium room, makes for the perfect vacation, if there is such a thing; it definitely is a stay at the Grand.

So let the masters of luxury take over, while you simply enjoy everything they have to offer! Book your stay at the Grand hotel, New Delhi, for your next getaway. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Unique Dining Experience at the Caraway, the Grand New Delhi

Beginning this post with a major gratitude burst to The Grand New Delhi for taking the pain to personally invite me to try out their delicious food. On usual days, I am almost always accompanied by other reviewers and customers on special events or menu tastings. But, The Grand New Delhi extended me an exclusive invitation, which I was more than happy to oblige with. 

I first visited their signature award winning Italian restaurant (IT) which was a totally wholesome experience. But this time, I was invited to their newly opened Indian restaurant Caraway, which has a very interesting quirk to it. It is exclusively open only for dinners, between 7pm to 12am. Not only did they completely entice me with their wonderfully accommodating service but they also gave me the special opportunity to talk and bond with their newly joined Executive Chef, Mr. Nilesh Dey. That too for over an hour.   

The Caraway has a very subtly lighted and sensual ambience that unravels beautifully around the excellently decorated room. There is a mesmerizing interplay of shadow and light that allows for some quiet and uninterrupted conversations you might want to have with your friends or your loved ones. This very restaurant is also special because the owner of this Five-Star hotel, Mr. Radhe Shyam Saraf (Group Chairman, Sarah Hotel Enterprises) claims this to be his all-time favorite restaurant.

Amidst my extremely insightful and quite exuberant conversation with Mr. Nilesh Dey; I was served some incredibly mouthwatering and irresistible food. I started my delectable journey with some of the most flavorsome and bewildering starters. The Tandoori Malai Broccoli (roasted broccoli with a creamy and spicy marinade, Rs. 700) was unputdownable and the Subz ke Gaulati Kebab (vegetables patties served with special Indian style bread) too was delicious. I was fairly impressed with the kebabs, but the broccoli was understandably better.

But, in my opinion the best dish from the starters was the Achari Jaituni Khumb (roasted mushrooms served with an array of pickled spices and a zesty olive paste, Rs. 550). It scored exceptionally high on my taste scale, because of its beautifully combined flavor of the spices and the olive paste. This dish was so delicious that I was forced to order another platter of the dish, which the chef most talentedly provided.

Concerning the main dishes, the ones that were the stars of the night were the Afghani Tangri (stuffed leg of chicken with a creamy marinade, Rs. 850); Gosht ke Gulati Kebab (meltingly soft mutton partied served with an Indian style bread, Rs. 975); Zard Sheekh Kebab (A combination of cheese, minced mutton, garam masala and saffron served on skewers, Rs. 900). The dish I was served next was quite an uncanny yet tremendously delicious chicken dish. Called the Atta Chicken, it was very complicatedly built and was very large in size. Although I couldn’t finish it in its entirety, I did try a piece or so.

Caraway’s menu is a absolute explosion of flavors and spices. The taste of the dishes is refreshingly new coming from the Taj Hotel’s former chef. Some of the dishes that are a must have are the Nalli Nihari (braised goat shanks in a saffron flavored broth) and the Gosht Dum Biryani (aromatic rice and mutton chunks cooked in a sealed pot, Rs. 950). With a steaming and spicy aroma wafting out the pot, the biryani looked too good to be true. The best combination of dishes would to be order two heftier and meatier dishes accompanied by three lighter ones.

No meal can be complete without desserts, and Caraway offers an unbeatable range of palate appealing ones. The Blueberry Kheer (chilled rice pudding made with blueberries, Rs. 350), the Gulkand ka Jamun (rose petal relish stuffed fried Indian sweet, Rs. 350) and the Baked Boondi and Rabri (house special milky dessert, Rs. 350) were the winners of the dessert array. Flavorful and packed with the sweetness of India’s cuisine, these desserts were making my mouth water.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Grand, New Delhi Is Everything You Look For In a 5-Star Luxury Hotel

We know that making reservations and booking tickets, as exciting as they are, also make for the most hectic bit of the travel itinerary? If you have your package with a travel agent, that is taken care of. But, if you decide to be your own travel agent then you will know what the hassle is. Looking for flight/train tickets, booking it for your family or friends, look for the right hotel, make reservations. But wait, what do we mean when we say the “right” hotel or a “nice” hotel? That it should just be clean and have a balcony? Or that it should be fully-equipped with all the modern technologies, be comforting, have an amazing staff, instant service, provides activities, etc. If you are thinking that it is hardly possible to get all that for yourself in a hotel, you are mistaken.

When it comes to a city like Delhi which is always bustling with foreign and domestic tourists and travellers, getting a hotel which is worth your money and justifies the purpose of your stay in the city will be very taxing, then you may just be headed in the wrong direction.

If you are a tourist visiting Delhi solely for recreational purposes or if you are a businessman looking for the ideal hotel to hold your meeting with important delegates, just book your stay in The Grand, one of the most renowned and favoured 5-Star hotels in Delhi. The Grand’s reputation among the guests who have enjoyed their stay with us as one of the most resplendent stay options in Delhi makes sure that they keep coming back.

Located at a short distance of a 15-minute drive from the Delhi International Airport, The Grand’s features, service, hospitality and it’s sheer elegance make it one of the best stay options in Delhi. It isn’t just a hotel which only promises you an unforgettable stay, we achieve at. The staff at The Grand never leaves any stone unturned to make your stay in Delhi and in The Grand worth the while and the money.
Come, enjoy luxury stay in Delhi only at The Grand, New Delhi.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Best in the World of Luxury Hotels: the Grand, New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of our vast land, is a celebration of our culture and our diverse identities. It is a place where history meets modernity, where the technological industry is booming and the hospitality industry continues to flourish. It is a land as much of foreigners, as of locals. It is a land where people from different states, cities, or perhaps countries, can come and not feel out of place. Everybody has a spot here, because here street shopping and outlet malls exists in harmony. Here roadside momo stands and 5 star hotels, encourage each other and add to the culinary scene of the city in varying ways. The Grand hotel, New Delhi, among the best 5 star luxury hotels in New Delhi, is a celebration of this magnificent city. 

 At the Grand, everything is spectacular. We have eight different restaurants for you to choose from, if food is what you are looking to explore. Each with a unique view of the city, and with a unique menu that delights your palate, at the Grand you truly can find the best of the food industry in our country. Be it Chinese, Indian, Continental, savory, deserts, any course, any meal, you are bound to be met with an explosion of flavors, and not just a dish, but rather an experience. Their rooms are the epitome of luxury. With the most comfortable beds and lovely décor, any of our rooms or suites would provide you with everything you are looking for and more, in terms of a luxury stay at the Grand. We have various meeting spaces, for your every public gathering requirement. If you’re throwing a cocktail party, our picturesque Cascades garden could be the perfect spot for your lively evening. If you’d rather stay in doors, they’ve got a number of beautiful halls for you to choose from. We’ve got various sizes of meeting spaces, depending on how many people you’d like to accommodate, and the nature of the gathering. Our rejuvenating spa is just another wonderful reason for you to hurry up and book your stay at this 5 star luxury hotel in New Delhi. We have various packages for you to choose from, to give your body and mind that much needed, and much deserved break. At the Grand, New Delhi, we know what luxury means to you, and we deliver. We work towards giving you the best version of luxury during your stay with us, because we know you’ve strived hard and lost a lot of hours of sleep to get to a point where you can gift yourself this.

So come over to the home of the Qutub Minaar, of the Red Fort, of music, food and celebration in its modern beauty. Find your way into the heart of your homeland, not the geographic center but the center of everything India is, and everything it is becoming. Come over to the Grand, New Delhi, and we will take care of you like no one else ever has.