Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Grand, Your New Home In Delhi

Delhi is a place which attracts and welcomes visitors and tourists from not only all over the country, but all over the world. With hotels springing up in every nook and cranny of New Delhi, it is indeed a baffling process for the tourists to zero in on a single one that comes as an all-comprehensive stay option which offers the most promising provisions that make your stay in Delhi ever more exciting, thrilling and at the same time rejuvenating. Sure you have a bundle of options, but do they come up with the same amount of excellency, elegance and magnificence that you look for in a luxury hotel? Don’t trust the word of mouth or internet searches. Book your stay at The Grand, New Delhi, the new address of all your needs that make a hotel stay more than just comfortable. Staying at The Grand defines lavishness and you wouldn’t want to miss that and a lot more on your visit to Delhi.

Situated at a distance of a short 15-minute drive, The Grand has been reckoned as one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi and for all the right reasons. The Grand has received the honorary title of being the best 5-star luxury hotel in New Delhi, 2015 and that speaks volumes about the consistency of service that The Grand strives to maintain. A dedicated staff, state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped rooms, conference centers and banquets, there is no doubt that once you check-in, there will not be a moment when you will not be left astonished by the sheer opulence that The Grand practices. It is not without a reason that for years now The Grand is regarded as the best hotel in New Delhi by innumerable tourists, business travelers and hotel connoisseurs when it comes to luxury hotels in Delhi.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

At The Grand, We Redefine Luxury

What if you could get a hotel that is beyond the ordinary boundaries of luxury and lavishness? What if you could stay in a hotel that treats more than just a guest and goes a step further everytime to ensure that you have an absolutely glitch-free experience? Would you still choose the ordinary ones? If your answer is no, then you just have found your luxury destination in the heart of Delhi without even going far from the airport. It is none other but The Grand, New Delhi that can offer you such wonderful provisions and much, much more and be distinguished from all other New Delhi luxury hotels.

The Grand always has something in store for each and every guest, no matter where they are coming from or what their purpose of visit is. From 8 restaurants that serve cuisines from ll over the world, mini-bars, patisserie and the much-acclaimed Spa Oasis to fitness and yoga centers, you name it and The Grand has it. During your stay at The Grand, you will not only be able to explore the different media of rejuvenation, but also go back with a refreshed mind that is ready for work. That is to say, The Grand offers you the best option if you are looking for a hotel that goes beyond every boundary to and re-evaluate the limits of a luxury hotel. To that end, The Grand makes sure that no stone is left unturned in our perennial effort to make the guest feel at home and that is what goes into making The Grand one of the most favored stay destinations among the other 5 star hotel in New Delhi.

Having said all that, what matters the most, though, is that The Grand has never failed to startle its guests each and every time with new offers, discounts and facilities. The hotel endeavors to push its boundaries every time and go a step further to provide you the best service, making it one of the most sought after accommodation destinations in New Delhi.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Experience The Modern Age Luxury At The Grand, New Delhi

What are the basic things that you consider while looking for hotel in a metropolitan city? And, what if you are traveling from a metropolitan city? Some calmness, silence, privacy and a lot of scope to relax and revivify your mind. Be it for business purposes or plain leisure, if there is something that shouldn’t be compromised while traveling is your accommodation. If chosen wisely, your hotel itself can offer you enough opportunities to unwind your stressed mind without having to leave your room. And that requires a high level of excellency in service and a lot of expertise in providing all the leisure to the guests. And if that very hotel is close to the airport, then that locks the deal right away. The Grand in New Delhi offers all this and much more!

If you are seeking luxury stay in Delhi, then your search ends at The Grand itself. With opulence in living, privacy in stay and everything lush at your hand, where else do you need to go? Located at a distance of a short 15-minute drive from the Delhi airport, The Grand has 309 rooms, efficiently divided in all categories for your convenience. So, even if you’re looking for hotels from budget to luxury, The Grand comes first in your list.

Staying at The Grand is an experienced to be cherished in itself. From the instant you step into the 5-star property, you will be enveloped in warmth, welcome, and hospitality. No matter what your likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences, we have something in store for you. If you’re someone who just wants to unwind in a calm environment, then this is your perfect destination. With outside pools, exotic spas, mini bars multiple-cuisine restaurants, we have all that which pleases you. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Brace Yourself For The Most Luxurious Experience Of Your Life At The Grand, New Delhi

It might just be that you heard from a friend, relative or neighbour how amazing that hotel was in New Delhi. So close to the airport and other important landmarks and yet not sacrificing on any of the qualities that make it a luxury hotel. That hotel which perfectly balances out quality and quantity and endeavors to provide their guests with all that goes into making their experience at the hotel astounding and absolutely glitch-free. That hotel which has been awarded the best 5 star luxury hotel in 2015 and lives up to that honor in every way possible. Staying in that hotel has been absolutely gratifying as it proved to be an additional factor which made the trip absolutely unforgettable. There might be so many hotels in New Delhi which claim to be the pioneers and the premieres of luxury stay in Delhi. But, it is this hotel which silently goes on proving its promises through actions. This hotel that is called the one and only The Grand. Staying true to it’s name,

The Grand is proud to be a major reason behind innumerable guests having the most marvelous time in the heart and capital of India, New Delhi. The Grand hopes to reinvent the thresholds of hospitality and aims to keep pushing these boundaries everyday in order to achieve newer and greater heights. What keeps us going is the objective to be the best and serve the best to our guests.

The Grand also comes in the list of hotels from budget to luxury, and to that end we have 309 rooms sub-divided in all categories so that you can choose a room that suits your budget and your convenience. Rest assured, be ready for an experience that couldn’t get any more wonderful and exquisite.

With lush spas, exciting activities, luscious interiors, well-equipped rooms, state-of-the-art facilities and so much more, how can one NOT have a good time? No matter how brief or lengthy your stay is, no matter from which part of the world or the country you’re coming from and no matter what your purpose of visit, expect The Grand to have a solution for all your needs.

The hotel, s=being situated at the heart of Delhi-NCR is one of the most-favored accommodation options for the business and the leisure travelers alike. This itself speaks volumes of the versatility and the multi-faceted nature of service in The Grand which makes it a favorite among travelers and tourists of all kinds and origins. For the business traveler, there couldn’t have been a more calm and peaceful ambiance to work and yet enjoy your fair share of leisure. For the other kind(s), The Grand is the ideal destination to unwind and relax and explore the wonder that is Delhi.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Book Your Stay In The Abode of Luxury At The Grand, New Delhi, Now Online!

It is not unknown that all of us like our share of pampering and luxury once in a while. And that is only justified considering the hectic schedule and stress we del with it nowadays. And the scope of real luxury and relaxation is during your weekend getaways or your family vacations when you simply relax at unwind at your hotel. But that means making pre-plans months before your stay, making payments and all that fuss. Who has time for that in between all your meetings and appointments. With The Grand now having provisions to Delhi 5 star hotel online booking and you can even pay online! So that not only saves all that extra effort but also lets you choose your favored room and even pay online. How easy is that?

The Grand, awarded the best 5 star luxury hotel, 2015 is undisputedly one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi. Opulence in character and service, endless facilities and well-equipped infrastructure, state-of-the-art architecture and luxurious rooms, vicinity to the airport and other important landmarks- The Grand has all it takes to become your dream destination on your next visit to the capital of India. One may easily book 5 star Delhi hotels online and with The Grand, there’s no dilemma in taking that decision.

No matter what your purpose of visit may be, the hote and its staff puts in all the effort and even goes a mile further to make sure that all the guests enjoy a not only an extravagant stay but also a private and comfortable experience. At The Grand, there is nothing that cannot be arranged for the guests to make their stay with us a bit more memorable and a bit more lavish. So book your rooms at The Grand and you can be sure of checking in to a whole world of luxuries and and lush experiences.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Quiet Getaway With The Grand, New Delhi

When you are busy chasing deadlines, achieving targets and pacifying your clients and/or your boss all throughout the month(s), what you really need after a while is a quiet getaway from all this raucous and enjoy serenity for a while. But, if getting leave is your worry, don’t fret about it anymore. The Grand, New Delhi is your best option to relax and unwind without being away from work for too long. The Grand, one of the closest stay options to the Delhi airport, has made a mark in the hearts of all its previous guests for being one of the most remarkable 5-star hotels in New Delhi.

Staying true to its name, The Grand makes sure that each of its guests have a distinguished and tranquil experience during their stay and to that end, attempts to bring into one place the grandest luxuries for you. If you are looking for a luxury hotel in New Delhi, then The Grand is undeniably the best option for you. With lush rooms, exotic spas, well-equipped fitness centers and world-class multi-cuisine restaurants, even a brief stay in The Grand will do more than just fine in rejuvenating yourself. The service at The Grand has been branded to be unparalleled as we make sure that every guest enjoys a completely individualistic experience, no matter what the purpose. The hotel has 309 rooms in all categories and price rangers to suit your convenience. Multiple restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world, mini-bars and a patisserie make sure that there is something for everybody. And to top all this awesomeness, there is the much-renowned Oasis Spa which offers an experience like no other. So, check into The Grand, New Delhi to relax, unwind and revivify yourself in a resplendent ambiance.