Thursday, 30 March 2017

Drive Out Of The Delhi International Airport Straight To The Grand

Hotel booking is a fairly arduous task. It includes a lot of research and a little bit of risk-taking whenever you book hotels online. Having said that, it should also be mentioned that there are still those quintessential old school travellers who believe in actually visiting the hotel before coming to a decision. It is a matter of your accomodation for a few days, after all. But, in a city like Delhi, roaming around from one hotel to another after you have just landed in the city can be tiring. So, why not just end up in one of the best and renowned hotels near Delhi International Airport? The Grand, New Delhi, is a boon to all these old-school travellers and tourists as it truly offers what it promises - world-class 5-star luxury treatment to our guests.

All your demands and requirements will be taken care of right at The Grand, New Delhi, the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, 2015.
The Grand is a 5-star luxury property, highly reputed for its excellence, supremacy in service, and its ability and constant efforts to not only break the norms of luxury hospitality but create new ones that are unmatched and impeccable.

The Grand offers not only one of the best but the best-in-class service to each of its customers. We at The Grand don’t believe in collective luxury, per se. Every customer should have their own demands and requirements fulfilled, whatever it might be. This is to ensure that every guest enjoys a distinguished and unique experience.

The dedicated and highly-trained staff at the hotel leave no stone unturned to look after your requirements and ensure that you have a glitch-free stay. It is not only because of our claims of being the best and the pioneer in 5-star luxury hotels in Delhi that has taken us to the very top, but it is through our consistent efforts that we have succeeded in satisfying each of our guests.

If you are looking for hotels near Delhi Airport, look no further than The Grand.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Grand Is The Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel In Delhi To Offer The Best Getaway Package

Nowadays, we rely a lot on online articles, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles to plan our next “getaways”. The term, “getaway”, is so new and trending that everyone is using it instead of ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday’. And do you know why? Because vacations and holidays have always been getaways. Our family vacations, when we were small used to be planned every six months in order to relieve us of the study and work stress. So, we went travelling to get away from the everyday life, experience the life, art, culture and food of a different city, state or even country. So, that’s why the term ‘getaway’ is so relevant nowadays. But, what if one does not want to choose an exotic destination which is expected to be packed with other tourists but instead, plan a solitary getaway with a dear one or with just your close family?

What if it is deadlines, your boss’ yelling voice, the cabin in your office that you want to get away from, without anyone to tag along with you?

To get away from the daily routines of life, we often tend to include some pampering which not only makes us feel better but also helps us to get back to work with refreshed energy. In that case, a trip to Goa where a thousand other tourists will be crowding the beaches just does not do justice to the kind of peace and tranquility that you are looking for. So, why not just book yourself a beautiful, elegant room right in the heart of a magnificent city like Delhi in a hotel which has all the facilities and will serve you the way you want them to? That way, you can live the cosmopolitan life when you want, the peaceful life when you want - best of both worlds. And what other place is best suited for this purpose than The Grand?

Just like you, we also believe in getaways and hence, have included a grand Spa Getaway Package in our scheme to offer you the best, pre-planned, super-luxurious stay in the awarded best luxury hotel in Delhi?

You ask for it, and we bring it to you. At The Grand, we firmly believe in the subjective nature of ‘luxury’ and hence, ensure that each and every guest receives a unique, and distinguished experience with us.

The Grand boasts of 390 well-furnished and elegantly decorated rooms with 24/7 to your perusal. Besides that, our guests can also enjoy world-class food at one of our 8 dining and nightlife destinations. If you are someone who believes in mental and physical fitness, our gym and yoga centers can be your second home. Other that all these, The Grand arranges airport pick ups and drops, sight-seeing tours in and around Delhi and cab services for our guests.

There might be many other accommodation options available to you but the luxury and comfort you experience out of an accommodation in the Grand Premium Room is unmatched. It is exquisite, exclusive and highly private so that you can enjoy the company of just yourself and/or your loved ones without any interruptions. The Grand does not leave any stone unturned to ensure that your stay with us is smooth, comfortable, homely and absolutely glitch-free. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

No More Hunts For Luxury Hotels Near Delhi Airport Anymore

Hotels near airports are tough to find. Hotels near airports are easy to find. Both sentences are extremely paradoxical and yet, both true. You can get many hotels as well as lodges near the airports but you can hardly trust the quality of the hotels. Some are even extremely shady and dingy. While if you look for 5-star luxury ones near the airport, it is tough to find. Or so you thought.

In the case of a city like Delhi, where tourism thrives and grows every day with more and more tourists coming in, hotels can be found everywhere. But do you want to land up in a hotel which does not serve as the ideal host for you in a city as beautiful, exciting and magnificent as Delhi? Of course not.
Look for a hotel that not fulfills the purpose of your visit effectively and also offers you a pleasant, homely and comforting stay. Among the many hotels near Delhi airport that claim to be a 5-star one, there is hardly a handful which truly serves 5-star quality facilities. So, don’t go hunting for hotels after landing in Delhi. Call The Grand for an airport pick-up and we will make sure that the rest of your trip goes glitch-free and without difficulties.

The Grand is a 5-star luxury property situated at a distance of a short 15-minute drive from the Delhi International Airport, which means nearness to other important landmarks in Delhi as well. Among the numerous 5 star hotels in Delhi, The Grand has been awarded the World Luxury Hotels Award, 2015, which speaks volumes about our quality of service and the genuineness of our claims to be the best. Experience The Grand stay to believe it. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Best Accommodation in Delhi - The Grand

Delhi is like the dream city. While Mumbai might be the city of dreams, Delhi is the dream city. A city which nestles both India’s rich heritage and culture of centuries and also the growing and developing infrastructure of India. Delhi, as high as its population might be, is expanding every day. It is not only welcoming but gives an opportunity to every youth who comes to the city to fulfil their dreams or lead a certain way of life. Delhi is a city with many faces. One is the face that shows the posh side of it, the other shows the face of poverty. But with every flaw and every perfection, Delhi rises a little every day. And hence, being a city as magnificent and awe-inspiring as it is, it attracts tourists and travellers of all sorts from every part of the country and the world.

With every other sector, like the industrial sector, transport and communication sector, IT sector, etc., the travel and tourism sector is expanding as well. There are more travel agents in Delhi than ever, there are hotels springing up in every corner of the city in order to provide accommodation to the visitors and there are constant efforts to improve the facilities for the foreign travellers every day. 

But, do you which are the best 5-star luxury hotels in Delhi? How do you choose among so many, when there is such multiplicity in choice?

You go with the best which is none other than The Grand. When you visit a city like Delhi which is packed with excitement, thrill, leisure, and warmth, how can you let the quality of your hotel let that down?

The Grand, being the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, 2015, efficiently revs up your entire duration of stay in Delhi and makes sure that you have not only a comfortable but a highly unforgettable stay.

The Grand, with 390 elegantly furnished rooms and suites, welcomes you to an experience like no other. Our 8 outstanding nightlife and dining destinations ensure that you can have your days of letting your hair down and eating to your very limit. If that isn’t your cup of tea, our much-acclaimed Spa Oasis sure will be with its eloquent services like massage, therapy, etc for you to unwind and relax.

Our guests can also enjoy long and undisturbed baths at the sprawling swimming pools set under the sky, or just unwind doing some yoga at our gym and yoga center. To keep it short, we have everything at your disposal which might make a difference and help you make your stay more comfortable, yielding and absolutely luxurious.

If you are the explorer kind, our 24/7 cab services will take you in and around the city for sight-seeing. A glimpse of Delhi life can also be enjoyed at the famous malls like DLF Promenade, DLF Emporia, Ambience Mall and the elite South Delhi neighbourhood, all of which is situated in close proximity to the hotel.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities combined with a 30,000 square feet, well-equipped banquet-cum-conference hall and an extremely dedicated staff, all go into making your experience unforgettable and worthy of a lovely memory.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Why Look For Ordinary Hotels Near Delhi Airport When You Can A Grand One?

Airports and hotels go hand-in-hand. Whenever a foreign national or a domestic tourist travelling from a different part of the country lands up in Delhi, the first thing they search for is a hotel. A hotel that deserves their time and investment, a hotel that can serve and cater to all their requirements, a hotel that is grand and luxurious. If it is near the airport then nothing can be better than that. But one might often presume that it is not so easy to get a room in hotels near Delhi international airport because of either unavailability or high tariffs. But, have you researched enough?

Delhi is a city that expands almost every day. And along with its geographic space, its infrastructure expands and develops as well. Better facilities at the airport to welcome the guests first hand and then, building better hotels, rather the best hotels so that they can get the most out of their stay in this magnificent city. A little effort on your part can go a long way in making your stay in Delhi far more memorable and comfortable.
While looking for hotels near Delhi airport, the farthest you have to go is till The Grand. Reputed for its consistent excellence, untarnished service system, lush interiors, and a name for being the best in its field is what makes The Grand one of your best stay options near the Delhi airport.

With 390 well-divided rooms and suites, mini bars, restaurants serving global cuisine, 24/7 service, outdoor swimming pools and continuous access to the internet 0n the hotel premises, the much-renowned Spa Oasis, its vicinity to the airport, cab services for sight-seeing in and around Delhi, and what not. We are always well-equipped to cater to all your requirements so that you never experience a dull moment in the hotel. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hotel Booking Near Delhi Airport? No Worries Anymore

Even a few years, hotel reservations used to be a huge deal. Travellers and tourists used to rely on travel agents to book hotels in different cities and hence, get charged more than just the room tariff. Any work that includes the intervention of a third party involves more monetary expenditure than would have been required. Similar was the case with booking rooms in hotels.

Another problem would be finding the ideal hotel that you have dreamed about while planning your holiday. Can your travel agent realise that? Will he book the same in the interest of his commissions? But thankfully, we have stopped asking such questions now. With the help of the internet, we can look up for our desired hotels with the required facilities online, visit their website and book a room. It has become as simple as that. When looking for Delhi hotels near airport, there is no question of worry anymore. You land in the city, give The Grand a call, and our excellent cab services will be there in a jiffy to provide you with a hassle-free airport pickup straight to the 5-star luxury property situated just at a distance of a short 15-minute drive.

The Grand is the honorary winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, 2015 and has never stepped down from that reputation. We at The Grand make constant efforts to make your stay absolutely glitch-free and comfortable. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with a highly-trained and dedicated staff make sure that all your demands are fulfilled and you never get a chance to complain.

The Grand has made hotel booking near airport super easy and it is the most preferred destination for many guests, both international domestic, because of the benefit of its geographic proximity to landmarks such as the DLF Promenade, DLF Emporio, Ambience Mall, the elite South Delhi neighbourhood and, of course, the airport itself.

With numerous lush facilities and opportunities to enjoy an outstanding stay in the magnificent city of Delhi, The Grand offers its guests an unforgettable experience.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Getaway With The Grand, New Delhi

Getaways are the new thing now. Getaway from the city life, getaway from deadlines and targets, getaway from the study and work stress and getaway from the daily routine. But getaway to where? Somewhere exotic? Somewhere near the ocean or somewhere near the mountains? But wait. What if you don’t get a leave in the middle of the month but cannot take the work stress anymore. It is a human mind after all. What did we learn about all work and no play?

And so, to get a little play in between all that work, to getaway with our friends, or family or sometimes just by ourselves. It is not only a break period but also serves as an enriching experience where one gets to reflect, think, unwind and relax.
When planning such a getaway, you ought to make sure that it goes all according to the plan and quite perfectly. There is no time to spare for bad holidays, right? So, if your boss doesn’t give you the nod for a 5-day break for you to escape to the mountains or to the sea, fret not. Choose a hotel right in the city which can give you the ideal ambience, facilities and environment to just revivify your mind so that you can have a fresh start. Make The Grand your ultimate destination for an enriching Spa Getaway Package where you get to enjoy the best of both worlds - accommodation in Grand Premium Room and the king-like treatment at the much-acclaimed Spa Oasis and salon.

The Grand boasts of 390 well-decorated rooms and suites divided into categories for the guests’ convenience. Besides that, we also have 8 outstanding dining and nightlife destinations for the nights when you just want to let your hair down. The Grand is exquisite in ways more than one and it offers an experience which is superior to any other in the 5-star luxury category. What sets us apart from the other hotels is our consistency in maintaining our meticulously-earned reputation and name among guests both international and domestic.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Looking For Hotels Near Delhi Airport? Check In To The Grand, New Delhi

If you have ever visited Delhi, you will know the multiplicity of options available in all categories. In a city that makes sure that no one goes empty handed, there are but a handful of hotels who actually excel in their field, offering unparalleled service to all its guests, no matter what their purpose. Also, Delhi is expanding and so are the hotels. In such a case, the vicinity of the hotel to significant landmarks also matters. That is where The Grand makes a mark, among other fields. Located at a distance of a 15-minute drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, The Grand is one of the closest and best hotels near Delhi airport. Not only is it close to the airport but also to many significant landmarks in New Delhi like the Emporio Mall, DLF Promenade and other major landmarks. The Grand has always been a premier choice among all hotel connoisseurs who have relished our services and continue to do so.

With lush rooms, exotic facilities and relaxation opportunities, The Grand makes sure that the demands and requirements of all its guests are fulfilled. Even business travellers don’t go empty-handed as The Grand offers well-equipped conference rooms and all other necessary facilities for business travellers to enjoy work and have a leisurely time as well. The Grand is, therefore, undeniable one of the premier luxury business hotels in Delhi airport area.

Besides an unmatched service system, well-equipped rooms, exotic spas and multi-cuisine restaurants, The Grand also offers banquet halls to hold important ceremonies and events, fitness and yoga centres, and much more to cater to all kinds of guests. Once you check in to The Grand, you can be sure that you are in for an experience that is not only enjoyable but will remain in your memory for a lifetime.
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