Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Grandest Hotel In The Grandest City Of India

It might just be that you heard from a friend, relative or neighbour how amazing that hotel was in New Delhi. So close to the airport and other important landmarks and yet not sacrificing on any of the qualities that make it a luxury hotel. That hotel which perfectly balances out quality and quantity and endeavours to provide their guests with all that goes into making their experience at the hotel astounding and absolutely glitch-free. That hotel which has been awarded the best 5 star luxury hotel in 2015 and lives up to that honour in every way possible. That hotel is none other than The Grand, New Delhi.

With the advent of online booking provisions, everything can be done online - from flight ticket booking to hotel rooms. The process of online booking is pretty simple and user-friendly so that people from all age groups can do it themselves. When it comes to hotels, booking online is the best option since this ensures that you won’t have to wander from one hotel to another in search of the perfect room.

With rising trend in tourism, The Grand has flourished into one of the most trusted and opted-for luxury hotels in Delhi. Considering the recommendation from all of our guests, infallible service, unmatched technology and provisions and the sheer opulence that only a brief stay won’t suffice to imbibe the hotel’s elegance and grandeur. And all of this makes online booking of Delhi 5-star hotels absolutely elementary.

With 390 well-equipped rooms divided in all categories for your convenience, you can choose from a variety of options as to which room would best suit your purpose of your stay. If you are a business traveller, our conference-cum-banquet halls are always available for our guests to hold meetings, get-togethers and parties.

With The Grand, you can book 5 star Delhi hotels online without any sort of glitch or difficulty. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi to the guests who book their rooms through our official website, making it even more advantageous and beneficial.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Not Only Is The Grand The Best 5-Star Hotel In New Delhi, It Is Also The Closest To The Airport

If you are a frequent traveller, leisure or business, you will know that a true 5-star luxury hotel will have an impeccable service system, awe-striking interiors, 24/7 cab service for its guests, all-round hospitality for its guests, ability to cope up with every emergency situation, more facilities than other ordinary hotels, multi-cuisine restaurants serving global cuisines, all the facilities for the guest to unwind and relax in whichever way suits him/her.

With years of high-class reputation for its impeccable service and the best rating from all the guests for quality of stay, The Grand has maintained its stature and name as one of the best hotels in New Delhi. Its lush interiors, well-equipped rooms, state-of-the-art technology facilitates a stay like no other, making it a name reckoned for being one of the best hotels near Delhi airport.

The Grand caters to guests of all kinds, purposes and coming with varying budgets, We hav 309 well-furnished rooms which are conveniently divided into categories so that you can choose yours in accordance to your budget. Besides that, our guests can also enjoy world-class food at one of our 8 dining and nightlife destinations. If you are someone who believes in mental and physical fitness, our gym and yoga centers can be your second home. Other that all these, The Grand arranges airport pick ups and drops, sight-seeing tours in and around Delhi and cab services for our guests.

If you are looking for one of the best hotels in Delhi NCR, then you have just got yourself an amazing deal since The Grand is the best accommodation option. And not just any ordinary accommodation, in that case. It is an award-winning 5-star luxury hotel with all the elegance and grandeur that it is so proud of.

On your next visit to Delhi, check-in only at The Grand, New Delhi. For us, our name justifies and speak volumes about the kind of service and the ensuing reputation it has built over the years.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Live The 5-Star Life Only At The Grand, New Delhi

When it comes to luxury getaways, there is no scope of leaving anything to chance. Be it something as important as booking your flight tickets or even getting that car hired. When things go according to plan and your vacation comes out just as good, or maybe even better, than what you had expected. And a major part of your vacation includes something that we often tend to leave to the end and that is hotel room booking. We understand that it is rather tedious to browse through tens of different hotels and finally selecting one that sits perfectly well with the rest of your well-planned trip. And if your getaway is planned in or around Delhi, then your task just got doubled.

But in a city like Delhi, where one has more options than one can think of, it is indeed difficult to differentiate and choose. If you are someone who does not settle for anything less than the very best, you must make the effort of looking for the best 5-star luxury hotels in New Delhi. And if the hotel is located close to the airport, it serves as a cherry on top of a well-iced cake.

The Grand has been one of the most favored luxury hotels in Delhi since long. Providing excellent provisions and displaying a matchless potential to enliven your stay in Delhi, The Grand has all that you could ask for your vacation to be memorable. No matter where you’re coming from or what your purpose of visit, at The Grand, we make sure that the hotel has the best facilities stored for you. With 309 well-equipped rooms divided into different categories, you can choose the one that you like the best and also suits your convenience. With mini-bars and outdoor swimming pools at your disposal, you can be sure that this experience is going to be absolutely distinguished and far more relaxed than any other.

 Opt for the best 5-star luxury hotel in New Delhi the next time you think of visiting the city.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Find The Best Luxury Hotel In New Delhi Right At The Tip Of Your Fingers

When you are busy chasing deadlines, achieving targets and pacifying your clients and/or your boss all throughout the month(s), what you really need after a while is a quiet getaway from all this raucous and enjoy serenity for a while. When living in Delhi, you might be well-acquainted with the daily tough schedule. A weekend getaway at times is always much-welcome and much-appreciated if spent within the city, without having to take leave from your job.

Choose The Grand to relax and unwind over the weekend while we take care all of your demands and  requirements. At The Grand, guest is God and care is taken in every possible manner that they are treated in a similar manner. With a range of different recreational and refreshing opportunities, business opportunities and a promise to serve the best and only the best, The Grand has proved itself as one of the best hotels in New Delhi. Whenever you are booking hotels online for your next visit to Delhi, or you just wish to pamper yourself with a rejuvenating weekend, visit our website and choose a room of your choice.

The Grand has become a name, a brand and a lineage due to years of recommendation from satisfied and happy guests. It has been awarded the best 5-star luxury hotel, 2015 and is also considered the best stay option by mane hotel afficionados. The Grand endeavors to combine comfort with luxury, elegance and opulence so that during your stay with us, you don’t remember ay unread email or deadlines. With outdoor swimming pools, recreation centers, restaurants of global cuisine and exotic spa, you can be assured that you are getting a complete package of luxury and rejuvenation for your money.

What makes The Grand distinguished and different from every other luxury hotel in Delhi is the fact that it offers not only the supreme kind of service but also a very individualistic and private experience. Don’t fret when you have to book hotels online In Delhi. Simply visit

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

5 Star Luxury Living Now Just A Click Away

When you have to buy something as routine as your daily grocery products, you can simply just grab hold of your phone and just like that, a few clicks away, your products get delivered right at your doorstep. That’s how efficient and utile the internet has become nowadays. You can buy yourself anything, make reservations, without even getting of your house. Similarly, when you have to make reservations for your upcoming vacation or weekend getaway, why take the burden of actually going the railway station to buy tickets? Or, why hunt for hotels in your holiday destination? You can simply book it online!

If Delhi is on your mind for your next vacation, you can book 5 star Delhi hotels online. This is especially useful for foreign travelers who travel across oceans to visit our country, be it as a tourist or a business travelers.

You do not have to go hunting for hotels that provide 5-star luxury after you land in Delhi. You can simply visit The Grand’s official website, where you can browse through the different categories of rooms that we offer, the facilities that we provide to our guests and choose for yourself. The Grand provides a very easy and efficient provision for its guests to book rooms online, in the comfort of your homes.

The Grand does not only claim to be the best but has been awarded the Best 5-star Luxury Hotel, 2015. It stands apart from the crowd in virtue of its consistency to serve only the best to its guests and its impeccable service system every day of the year. At The Grand, we have 390 well-furnished rooms divided into categories, gym and yoga centers, the lush Spa Oasis, more than 5 restaurants and a patisserie serving global cuisines. You can also just relax at our outdoor swimming pools or choose to pamper yourself in our salon.

Whenever you are booking Delhi 5 star hotels online, think of The Grand as endeavour to live up to our high reputation and name through not only claims and promises but true actions.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Looking For Luxury Hotels In New Delhi? Now You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere Farther Than The Grand

We all look for hotels that surpass the levels of luxury that we usually experience in our daily routine. Be it from occasional outings with friends or a candle-light dinner, or simply enjoying a movie at home. But during vacations, it has to be not just special, but extra special. If your next vacation is in Delhi, or, if you are a business traveller visiting Delhi for professional interests, the hotel you choose to stay in can make a lot of difference to your experience in Delhi.

Own your next weekend getaway or vacation to Delhi with some ‘me time’ and lots of pampering and relaxation at no where else but The Grand, one of the very best luxury hotels in Delhi.

The Grand, with 390 elegantly furnished rooms and suites, welcomes you to an experience like no other. Our 8 outstanding nightlife and dining destinations ensure that you can have your days of letting your hair down and eating to your very limit. If that isn’t your cup of tea, our much-acclaimed Spa Oasis sure will be with its eloquent services like massage, therapy, etc for you to unwind and relax.

At The Grand, you’ll have all the provisions served to you in the most eloquent manner that makes your stay even more enjoyable and obviosuly, relaxing. You can cimply unwind in your room which has been well-equipped with all the necessary and luxurious facilities. Or, you could take a lavish bath in one of the outdoor swimming pools. If that doesn’t excite you then our diverse multi-cuisine restaurants sure will. Add to that a pampering spa or massage session in the much-renowned Spa Oasis.

The Grand has an edge over all the other 5-star hotels in Delhi in the sense that it is considered one of the most favoured accommodation destinations by all kinds of tourists and travellers from all over the world. So, years of recommendation combined with an infallible service system is what makes The Grand the best hotel in New Delhi.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

If You’re Looking For A Luxury Hotel Near Delhi International Airport, The Grand Is Your Go-To Destination

There are frequent and avid travellers, both with leisure and business purposes, who have made hotels and flights their home. They might be in Turkey today and France tomorrow. Whatever it is that takes them far and wide, these are the people who are a storehouse of information of every thing travel. They are well-acquainted with airports, know which hotel they would prefer to live in and what to expect from a 3-star or a 5-star luxury one.

When it comes to India, Delhi, being its capital, attracts more tourists than any other city, probably. With the growth in the number of influx of tourists from all over the world, Delhi has learnt to bring up the standards of hospitality considerably.

With the rising multiplicity in choice, in every metropolitan city, it has become both difficult and easy to choose the best hotel which suits your convenience and purpose of visit. Situated in close proximity to the Delhi International Airport, The Grand is one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi, boasting of 390 elegantly decorated luxury rooms and suites, 8 superb nightlife and dining destinations and the much-acclaimed Spa Oasis and salon which offers various services to the guests like massage, therapy, etc.

From multi-cuisine restaurants to an acclaimed Spa, gym and yoga centres to outdoor swimming pools, The Grand is well-equipped with all the state-of-the-art technologies and never fails to amuse and surprise its guests. Every time a guest checks into The Grand, it is never the same. A new experience awaits you as you check-into the heart of comfort and luxury.

If you are planning a getaway with your family or friends, a luxury hotel room with city view, capturing the picturesque skyline of the city of Delhi, makes things way more beautiful and rejuvenating.

At The Grand, we believe in the work we do and wish to expand our boundaries and limits even further. By being exceedingly dedicated and hard-working, The Grand has been able to achieve excellent heights for itself and its guests.