Friday, 30 December 2016

The Most Cherished Celebration at the Best 5 Star Hotel

The month of December is a miraculous one. It is one celebration followed by the other! It is a time of holidays, togetherness, cheer and reconnecting with our loved ones. Christmas brings family together, be it the one you were born into or the one you created for yourself. New Years Eve brings all the long lost friends together, or allows you to make new friendships that you’ll cherish in the year to come, or it allows you to have a stupendously good time, irrespective of whether you keep the memory of it! This cold wintry month leaves everyone looking for warmth in each other’s company, and searching for the perfect place to feel warm in. There are fairy lights all over town and crackers ready to be burst as the clock strikes twelve. There are men in Santa costumes simply taking the time to spread smiles and provide happiness in the lives of children. There are the luscious Christmas trees intricately decorated with various ornaments, candy canes, little angels and sparkling stars.

Looking for the best 5 stars hotels in New Delhi to celebrate this holiday season? If you’re looking to just spend some time with your family in a cozy environment filled with festive cheer, with people looking after your every need so that you can truly have the much needed quality time, the Grand New Delhi is the best option for you. Their luxurious rooms and suites make for the perfect stay-cation away from home. Their eight distinguished restaurants with delicious cuisines from around the world make sure that your taste buds are delighted during your stay here. Their rejuvenating spa provides you and your spouse with the perfect mode of relaxation and unwinding that you have been looking forward to all year. On the other hand, if you are looking to throw or attend the most talked about, the most extravagant, the most exciting party of the year, then your search ends at one of the best 5 stars hotels in New Delhi, and the recipient of the Luxury Hotels Award, 2015, the Grand hotel, New Delhi. Their 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meetings and events spaces makes the Grand the perfect choice.

So hurry up and fix the dates and book the space, for one of the best nights of the year and a perfect way to welcome the new year and all the hope and aspirations it bears! 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Every New Year Needs a Grand Beginning- Party at the Best Luxury Hotel in Delhi

With the days getting colder, and everything dawning a slightly fresher look in gearing up for the New Year, everybody is waiting in anticipation for that last one big night of this year before they have to plunge right in to the next. Families are planning a short get-away to come together one last time and enjoy each other’s company before they are immersed in the work load of the year to come. Friends are looking for the best destination to throw down and party hard to make the year end in an iconic fashion. Luxury travelers are searching for the perfect location where they can halt a while and take in the year that’s been. Everybody is looking for a celebration, irrespective of how good or bad 2016 treated them, celebration needs no excuse, it’s a reason in itself! 2016 has been a tumultuous year to say the least, but that doesn’t mean that all of us can’t get together one last time, throwing away our demonetization woes, and celebrate all that we indeed have accomplished this year, be it our individual achievements, or collective.

The Grand hotel, New Delhi, one of the best hotels in Delhi celebrates this feeling of togetherness like none other. They understand everything that you are looking for from a New Years Eve party, and they provide with all that you need. Their 30,000 square feet of meeting and event spaces with various indoor and outdoor options, make the Grand the perfect spot to throw your year end bash this holiday season. Their Cascades garden is the perfect place for a red-carpet type cocktail party, or for a more casual outdoor party with the music pumping loud. If you’re looking to escape the cold they have various lavish indoor alternatives to choose from. The Grand Ballroom is one such extravagant option where you can accommodate a large number of people and still have a comfortable amount of dancing space. If you are hoping for a more intimate party or perhaps a sit down evening, the Jade or Onyx halls are perfect for your evening. These are just a few among the event spaces to choose from, as the Grand has four other magnanimous event spaces you could book for your magical evening.

So why look any further when a top contender among the best hotels in Delhi is the perfect place for you to celebrate the year that’s been and the year that is to come!

Monday, 26 December 2016

A Magical New Years Eve at the Grand

New Years Eve isn’t just any event in the year; it’s a magical feeling. It is wonderful and beautiful in everything it represents and all that it stands for. It stands for new beginnings, new ambitions, new inspiration, new excitement, or just a simple newness, freshness that makes everything newly interesting and exciting. All of us are waiting for New Years so expectantly that almost the entirety of December becomes equivalent to a count down to the day when we are finally able to throw are cares away for one night and enter into the new year with smiles on our faces and cheer in our hearts. New Years Eve is almost definitely the biggest part of the year. While it is kind of funny that the most iconic party of the year takes place when the year is essentially over, it is a reason to feel pumped, excited and joyous. People might knock the idea of a New Year’s resolution, but truth is, anything that allows you to bring new motivation in your life, can only be positive. So don’t be afraid to let this New Years be bigger and better than ever before! You never need a reason to celebrate and unwind, but if you did, there’s no reason better than New Years Eve!

What better way to spend this magical, wonderful night that turns into the best morning, than to book a location at the Grand hotel, New Delhi? This humble recipient of the Luxury Hotels Award, 2015, is among the best 5 stars hotels in New Delhi and is the perfect choice for your New Years Eve bash. They have eight different restaurants with delicacies from around the world that are bound to make your mouth water. Their exquisitely designed rooms and suites make the perfect place to crash in after the party, if you ever do get back to your room! Which is unlikely with their event spaces, 30,000 square feet worth, are the most magnanimous spaces to spend your New Years Eve in!

So hurry up and get your location blocked at the Grand hotel, New Delhi this New Years Eve, because who doesn’t want to spend the best night of their lives in one of the best 5 stars hotels in New Delhi!

Friday, 23 December 2016

The Christmas You Deserve at the Best Luxury Hotel

Christmas is that beautiful time of the year which makes everything appear newly aglow even though the year is coming to a close. The skies are grey but the stars shine brighter, the mornings are foggy but the cold makes us all come closer. Christmas is like a subtle last minute year-end reminder that we are stronger, happier, livelier, and in more literal terms, warmer, when we are together. Images of Christmas bring to mind lavish rooms with beautiful curtains, all your favorite people, the magnanimous evergreen pine, beautiful, resplendent ornaments, just about every colour that reminds you of life, in an otherwise dark and gloomy surrounding. The air hangs heavy, it turns dark sooner, it drives people indoors sooner. However it’s the one time of the year when indoors is the best place to be. Festive lights, decorations everywhere, hot cocoa in your hands, cheerful carols looming in the air, happy faces, smiles abound! It’s surprising how the cold, which you would assume has a dampening, deadening effect, manages to bring new life! Christmas after all, is a celebration of life, a celebration of miracle. And what a miraculous time of year it is! There is absolutely nothing which compares to this special time of year.

It can be difficult to have to work during this wondrous time of year. However, a little bit of luxury and familiar festive cheer can make everything alright. This is exactly what you get at the Grand hotel, New Delhi! Being one of the best luxury business hotels near Delhi airport, makes this the perfect place to stay at during your business travels to Delhi this Christmas season. They will not fail to remind you of the essence of Christmas and provide you with a little bit of sparkle even as you work hard for your ambitions or for your loved ones. Their luxury rooms, their eight restaurants each with an exquisite cuisine and delightful food, their relaxing spa treatments, even their in house gym or their lavish Cascades garden, all of them make you feel a little bit at home, and definitely cherished.

So check into one of the best luxury hotels near Delhi airport, the Grand, New Delhi, to ensure that you can still have the beautiful Christmas you deserve!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Deck the Halls of the Grand, New Delhi

Looking for the best way to spend Christmas? Hoping to escape this holiday season into a paradise where you are pampered and cared for? Wanting to enjoy the holiday cheer in a manner like none other? Then the Grand hotel, New Delhi is precisely what you are looking for! There is nothing more enjoyable this Christmas, than a stay at The Grand, New Delhi. If you are a luxury traveler and Delhi is on your map, then The Grand is definitely where you should be staying this winter. They truly understand what it means to celebrate Christmas, and that’s exactly what they offer you. Christmas is a festival of spreading joy and happiness, being grateful for the goodness in the world and propagating it further. It is about reminding people how kindness can multiply and advance, if only you initiate it. It is exactly this spirit of happiness and goodness that The Grand hotel, New Delhi, brings you!

What better way to spend Christmas, than in the best New Delhi luxury hotel? This holiday season enjoy at the decked halls of the Grand where the best parties of the year are thrown. Their unique ballrooms and event spaces bring to you simply magical and serenading parties this Christmas season. For the lone luxury traveler, there are eight different types of restaurants from which he can explore the flavours of the world and treat himself to delicacies from Asia or from right at home, and even indulge in the quintessential Christmas treats and goodies. Their luxurious rooms and sweets, their rejuvenating spa, their in house gym, outdoor pool, delicious restaurants, exquisite meeting spaces, place the Grand, New Delhi high up among the best 5 star hotels in New Delhi.

So book your stay at the Grand this Christmas, if you truly want to experience what it feels like to live a miracle!

Monday, 19 December 2016

The foodies’ Guide to a Luxurious New Years Eve

Delicious Food, Luxury rooms, a rejuvenating Spa: does it sound like the perfect way to spend your 31st December yet? If you want to spend the last day of the year remembering once more what it truly feels to be alive, The Grand Hotel, New Delhi is the place you should be checking into. This is all the more easier, since you can book luxury hotels online.

The Grand, New Delhi has some of the most exquisite flavors to offer in its eight different dining experiences. IT, one of the best Italian restaurants in the city is a great place to begin your gourmet dining fiesta at The Grand. If you are looking to stay closer to home, you could always walk into Caraway, which is popular for its authentic Indian delicacies. Or perhaps you could widen your perspective to include the Asian flavors at Woktok, a Pan Asian wonderland with the best of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese tastes. If it’s the view and variety you are seeking, Cascades and the Crystal lounge are both terrific options for you. If it is your sweet tooth you’re looking to satisfy, you could always walk into Indulge patisserie as a perfect close to your mini food walk! Apart from this, if it’s partying you’re into there’s always the G-bar, which is the perfect place to count down to the New Year. Of course there’s also the Aqua bar, so you can have your drink by the poolside.

Apart from food, there are obviously other luxuries on offer that make the Grand experience a wholesome and enchanting one! So book 5 star hotels online, now!

Friday, 16 December 2016

New Years Eve Spectacle at the Grand, New Delhi

Flying in for New Years Eve to count down the clock to 2017 with your family? Why not make it a special night and ask them to join you at the world’s best luxury hotel in town: The Grand, New Delhi. The honorable winner of the world luxury award, 2015, The Grand, New Delhi is just the perfect way to close 2016 with a bang and start 2017 with a little bit of sparkle. Their luxury suits are just the thing you need to pamper you and your family. In fact why go home at all, when you can check into the Grand so easily straight from the hotel! Its close proximity to the airport and its online hotel booking services, make hotel booking near airport easy for you! Checking in at the Grand will provide you with a luxury experience which lets you distress from the work and check back into life!

The Grand, New Delhi has something special for your entire family! You and your spouse can unwind with rejuvenating massages at their lush spa, or you could get a head start on that new years resolution by popping into their wonderfully equipped gym. It doesn’t matter what your New Year spirit is, The Grand, New Delhi will enhance it and provide you with an exquisite couple of nights. What makes the Grand experience even more irresistible is the 8 distinguished fine dining restaurants which expose you to a myriad of taste pallets and take you on a food journey like none other!

If that isn’t enough reason to fly back home and surprise your family with a luxury experience beyond their imagination, don’t forget that the Grand is not just close to the airport, but also to all the major shopping vistas of the city. So book your stay at the Grand, New Delhi this New Years Eve and be delighted by the bounteous luxuries it has to offer!           

Summary: Fly in to Delhi this New Years eve and treat your family to a luxury stay at the Grand, New Delhi which is in close proximity to the airport. There’s something for everyone. Enjoy its rejuvenating spa, eight gourmet restaurants, fully equipped gym and more. You could even book your stay online!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Let the Year End in Happiness!

Spending New Years Eve in the capital of India? Love roaming around the streets of Delhi, and cant get enough of the city? Looking for the perfect place to stay in this New Years Eve? Check into The Grand New Delhi this New Years and book a luxury hotel room with city view! The Grand New Delhi offers you the perfect spot to make your New Year dreams come true. The Grand New Delhi, easily accessible from the airport, makes for the perfect choice to have a memorable New Years Eve, for locals and tourists or travelers alike. It has 390 luxury rooms and suites for you to choose from! However if one thing is certain, irrespective of which room you choose to stay in, it will be worth it!

If you are looking to have a quiet New Years Eve and are hoping to let yourself indulge in the finer things in life as the year comes to a close, this is the ideal destination for you. It has a spa that will remind you what it’s like to be taken care of and nurtured back into enjoying life! On the other hand if you are looking to really celebrate the past year and are attending a party at The Grand, you are definitely in for the best night of 2016!

So be it to dance the night away or simply to unwind from the year that’s been, if you are looking for happiness on the last night of 2016, The Grand Hotel, New Delhi, is the place to be. Everyone defines happiness differently, but everyone is happy at the Grand!

Monday, 12 December 2016

All I want for the Grand!

Isn’t there something amazing about watching a city be transformed into happiness festivity and joy during the holiday season? Everything seems magical when you are being pampered at the best luxury hotel in town! What’s better than snuggling up in comfortable hotel sheets and while treating yourselves to the delicacies from one of the 8 gourmet restaurants at the Grand, New Delhi? This Christmas watch Delhi light up in red and green while you book a luxury hotel room in Delhi, and indulge in much needed winter rejuvenation. The Christmas spirit is bound to make you want to just lay back and enjoy the winter with perhaps a hot cup of cocoa. All you have to do is make your luxury hotel reservation online and head over to the Grand, New Delhi and let them bring you some Christmas cheer!

There are 12 days of Christmas, but there is only one World’s best luxury hotel! The Grand New Delhi, the proud recipient of the World luxury Award 2015 comes equipped with spa services which reinvigorate you, and perhaps make you look at life through a newer, more joyous lens. There couldn’t be a better way to get yourself in the spirit of Christmas. Who said Christmas is just for Christians? Christmas is about happiness, and what better way to bring yourself happiness than letting yourself unwind and recalibrate for the next year at the splendid Grand hotel, New Delhi!

So what are you waiting for? Get your luxury hotel reservation online and spend this Christmas season at the Grand, New Delhi.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We Make Your Getaways Extra Luxurious At The Grand, New Delhi

You know your next vacation or even a short getaway is bound to be special and exciting when you have struggled for that leave for months now. You plan it from weeks before and picturizing each day quite ideally. But have you made the proper arrangements for it? Flight ticket booking, car booking, hotel booking - there are myriad bookings that need to be done before you set out on your much-awaited trip. For if your want it to go glitch-free, you ought to make preparations for it. Flight tickets can be booked online and so can be cars, but what about the ideal luxurious stay you had planned? How do you know if the hotel will live up to all your expectations? Especially if your trip is planned in the capital of India, Delhi. Delhi has a vast number of stay options in all categories of hotels. When you land up in Delhi, you will find hotels of all ranges and qualities, making you feel lost for choice. But not all can be the best, can they? So make your decision wisely and trust a hotel that is considered best by expert hotel connoisseurs, like The Grand, New Delhi. The Grand has been awarded the title of the Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel, 2015.

The Grand has been on the top of the favourites list of guests for long due to its consistency in serving only the best in all spheres. With outstanding provisions to just unwind and relax in its unmatched ambience, The Grand offers a unique luxury getaway resort in Delhi. If you are looking for a hotel that promises to be the best and strives for it, achieving amazing heights, The Grand is your go-to place. No matter what your requirements, the staff at The Grand makes sure that you get everything that adds to your overall experience of absolute serenity and rejuvenation.

From exquisite restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world to mini-bars, exotic spas and fitness centres to outdoor swimming pools, you name it and The Grand has it. When you are staying at The Grand, not a minute goes dull or boring. Opulent interiors, well-equipped rooms, a highly trained and dedicated staff and facilities that will never run out of ways to amuse you, The Grand, being, is a welcome change in the hospitality field in Delhi. If you are looking for a hotel that is more than just an accommodation option and adds to the excitement of your trip to Delhi in the most elegant manner. The Grand does not follow the norms of luxury. Instead, it is extremely progressive and develops and improves with developments in the demands of the guests.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Enjoy 5-Star Luxuries In New Delhi At The Grand

Has it ever happened to you that you booked a 5-star hotel expecting all the facilities to be top notch and 5-star quality but ended up getting only below expectation service and rooms of 3-star quality? But should that really be so when you have paid for all of the 5-star provisions that you were so falsely promised? In a city like Delhi where there are like literally thousands of hotels and one in each corner of the street promising “5-star luxury” but hardly ever living up to it. Before you book yourself a room in Delhi, make sure you make your decision widely, trusting only the very best. Finding a New Delhi luxury hotel which is truly deserving of your money and time can be quite baffling, to put it blatantly. So why not make your task a little (or a lot) easier with The Grand? The Grand has been awarded the Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel 2015 and is one of your best options to enjoy a truly luxurious stay.

The Grand is reckoned as one of the most favoured among the 5-star luxury hotels in New Delhi and the guests will surely approve of that. Not a moment of your stay in The Grand will be dull or boring. The entire hotel staff puts in their best efforts and even goes an extra mile in order to assure that you go with only a bag full of amazing memories and not any disappointments. The Grand has been constant in its vision of serving the people with the very best of services and provisions. It has successfully won the trust and favor of an innumerable number of guests from all over the world. Book your room in The Grand and you will know why.