Monday, 23 January 2017

Choose The Best Luxury Hotel For Your Much-Awaited Trip To New Delhi

Delhi is the city of excitement, it’s synonymous with life, activity and all the values that India as a country holds for itself. It’s rich culture, heritage, history and the warmth and hospitality that our country is so known for. And as the capital of the country, Delhi encapsulates and represents all of that. As a result, it attracts multitudes of travelers and tourists from all over the country and the world, seeking for a different kind of adventure altogether. In a city which has everything that excites tourists of all tastes and preferences, be it a business traveler or a leisure traveler, there is not one dull moment. The streets of Delhi are full of life and bubbling with different sorts of things to do, enough to make you want to come back again and again. And while you keep Delhi on the top of your itinerary every time you come to India, make sure you have your accommodation sorted every time. All you have to do is drive to The Grand, New Delhi and book yourself a room in the best hotel in New Delhi.

The Grand, situated at a distance of a short 15-minute drive from the Delhi International Airport, is a 5-star luxury property with all the modern and updated amenities that one would require to enjoy a luxurious ad enjoyable stay with us. Our staff is dedicated and hard-working and we leave no stone unturned to render top-notch services to each of our guests.

Spa services at the much-acclaimed Spa Oasis, world-class food from our multi-cuisine restaurants and a service that you will never forget, stay at The Grand is truly unparalleled in every sense. Our dedication and sustainability in providing service to our guests has to a huge client-base who keep coming back to our hotel to enjoy the very best stay in New Delhi. The Grand is also the proud winner of the Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel Award 2015. So now, whenever you have to book luxury hotel in New Delhi, you know where you have to go.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Get The Best 5-star Luxury Hotel Near the Airport. Check-in At the Grand, New Delhi

What do you do when you just land in a strange city and rush from one hotel to another near the airport, not willing to sacrifice on quality for the proximity of the hotel to the International Airport. Hotel booking near airport can be a little hectic, especially because we are mostly willing to settle for the nearest hotel.

For international travelers and tourists or frequent flyers, it is particularly essential that they book their accommodation in a hotel near the International Airport. As far as Delhi is concerned, it is visited by more international tourists, travelers and businessman than any other city in India, perhaps. Majority of the time, Delhi ranks the first in the go-to destinations in the itineraries of travelers and tourists. In a city which welcomes everyone and anyone and strives to provide accommodation to everyone, many hotels have popped up throughout the city. But for visitors whose first priority when it comes to hotels is its proximity to International Airport.

 The hotel acts as the first host to the international visitors in the city and it is essential that they receive a heart-warming welcome, typical to Indians all over the country. So, if you land in Delhi, don’t fumble for hotels near the airport, book yourself a room in The Grand, New Delhi through an easy online hotel booking process.

The Grand’s reputation as the best 5-Star luxury hotel in Delhi near the Airport attracts guests from all over the world. Our impeccable service, well-equipped rooms, spa services, world-class restaurants, and multiple activities are enough to attract your fancy. Even if you are a businessman visiting Delhi for official reasons, at The Grand, you can effortlessly combine leisure with work. It is your stay, you have the power to regulate it the way you want. The Grand will, in all stages, provide you with services which enables you to do so.

Hospitality in Delhi is evolving and developing and The Grand stands at the very peak of that. Check-in to know why.

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Grand, New Delhi Is Everything You Look For In a 5-Star Luxury Hotel

We know that making reservations and booking tickets, as exciting as they are, also make for the most hectic bit of the travel itinerary? If you have your package with a travel agent, that is taken care of. But, if you decide to be your own travel agent then you will know what the hassle is. Looking for flight/train tickets, booking it for your family or friends, look for the right hotel, make reservations. But wait, what do we mean when we say the “right” hotel or a “nice” hotel? That it should just be clean and have a balcony? Or that it should be fully-equipped with all the modern technologies, be comforting, have an amazing staff, instant service, provides activities, etc. If you are thinking that it is hardly possible to get all that for yourself in a hotel, you are mistaken.

When it comes to a city like Delhi which is always bustling with foreign and domestic tourists and travelers, getting a hotel which is worth your money and justifies the purpose of your stay in the city will be very taxing, then you may just be headed in the wrong direction.

If you are a tourist visiting Delhi solely for recreational purposes or if you are a businessman looking for the ideal hotel to hold your meeting with important delegates, just book your stay in The Grand, one of the most renowned and favored 5-Star hotels in Delhi. The Grand’s reputation among the guests who have enjoyed their stay with us as one of the most resplendent stay options in Delhi makes sure that they keep coming back.

Located at a short distance of a 15-minute drive from the Delhi International Airport, The Grand’s features, service, hospitality and it’s sheer elegance make it one of the best stay options in Delhi. It isn’t just a hotel which only promises you an unforgettable stay, we achieve at. The staff at The Grand never leaves any stone upturned to make your stay in Delhi and in The Grand worth the while and the money.

Come, enjoy luxury stay in Delhi only at The Grand, New Delhi .

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Begin Your 2017 with a Luxury Stay at the Grand

The most awaited year 2017 is finally here! This is a year that we have all been waiting for, simply because it meant the end of the previous one, because it meant a fresh start. While 2017 cannot erase everything that happened in 2017, it allows us to distance ourselves from it and take a step back to reassess, something which is highly required. Across the globe 2017 has stood for various things. People are often quick to remember the lows that 2016 has brought us, but 2016 definitely did bring us great highs as well. In this year that is now ours, let us vow to do the best, be the best, and experience the best. In terms of experiences, there can be no better way to kick start the new year, than with a stay at the Grand hotel, New Delhi. The Grand hotel New Delhi brings you the best of the best and is among the top 5 star hotels in Delhi. They offer you the best in luxury and in terms of rooms or suites, they take care of you and rejuvenate you, or even have provision for you to get back in shape in their top class gym if that’s what you are looking for. They provide you with everything you have been searching for, whether you knew what you were looking for, or not!

The Grand being among the best 5 star hotels in the Delhi and NCR, the country, and in the world, has the best luxury rooms and suites for you to pick from for your stay in Delhi this New Year. Their rejuvenating spa relaxes you and allows you to really contemplate on the year that’s been and let go of all the bad through an appointment that relaxes both your body and mind. They have eight different restaurants with various cuisines from across the globe that are just another great way to begin your 2017.

So hurry up and book your stay the Grand New Delhi for the best luxury hotel experience and to begin your 2017 on the best note possible! 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Grand Hotel New Delhi, The Business Travel Partner You have been Looking For

Looking for the perfect place to stay at during your business trip in Delhi? While on a business trip time becomes the most important commodity. All your energy is used up in travelling and preparing for that big meeting you have to attend or that crucial presentation you have to make. After you land in Delhi, if you have to spend a major chunk of your time stuck in traffic to reach your hotel you will become both mentally and emotionally drained and there goes your presentation which you wanted to get in the bag. If you’re looking for hotels near Delhi airport to avoid this hassle, you are in luck. What could be better than staying in one of the best luxury hotels in Delhi so that you are well taken care of and you can focus entirely on the work you have come to Delhi to do in the first place. Let’s face it with all this tiresome work, there can be nothing better to live in a place that understands your needs and caters to them. This is exactly what the Grand hotel, New Delhi does and lives by. At the Grand, your needs are paramount and are the primary consideration so you can focus on your work and they can take care of everything else.

 The Grand hotel New Delhi, the recipient of the 2015 Luxury Hotel Award, has the best luxury rooms and suites for you to chose from. They have a spa which is exquisite and can regenerate you after a tough day at work or relax you before one. They have eight distinguished dining options that take you on a wonderful food journey while you work hard. They have staff which are dedicated to taking care of your every need and provide you with whatever you ask. They take care of you and make your stay at in Delhi mean so much more than it already does.

So don’t hesitate and book your stay at one of the best hotels in Delhi near airport. This will not just be a place to stay, but an experience you will cherish for years to come. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A New Chance at Life and the Perfect Party

New Year’s Eve is that one night that all of us begin anticipating almost half way through the year. The second we realize that the next year is close, that this one is close to being past, we begin looking forward to New Year’s Eve and everything it stands for, all the hope and promise of happiness it bears. The New Year holds the possibility of endless things. It holds the probability of your dreams, of your wildest dreams becoming a reality. It holds the promise of you finally getting all that you have been longing for. It presents an entirely new motivation, a motivation to make things right, to make things the way you want them to be in this new calendar year. If nothing else, it presents the promise of everything you have regretted in the past year, of all your failures, all your irrational inhibitions, your devastating stories, your broken bridges, ceasing to exist, it presents the promise of a clean slate. Isn’t there something magical about the fact that from one day to the next, an entire year changes? A new year has implications in all facets of our lives, and most often we end up having the best time of our lives on the last day of the year, and letting that transcend into being the best beginning for the year to come.

The perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve, which stands for all these large things, is to make it grand. If it is ‘grand’ you’re looking for, your search can only start and end with the magnificent Grand hotel, New Delhi! That’s right people; you can move your New Year’s festivities to the Grand this New Year’s Eve and truly throw the best party of the year! If it is a cocktail party you’re looking for, what better location than the Cascades garden of one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi? If you’re worried about the winter cold, don’t worry, because the Grand has got you covered with their 30,000 square feet of extravagant and versatile meeting spaces, so you find exactly what you’re looking for!

So check in to the Grand New Delhi this holiday season, to experience what one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi has to offer. With their luxurious rooms & delicious food, and beautiful event spaces, you will undoubtedly be blown away!