Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Grandest Hotel In The Grandest City Of India

It might just be that you heard from a friend, relative or neighbour how amazing that hotel was in New Delhi. So close to the airport and other important landmarks and yet not sacrificing on any of the qualities that make it a luxury hotel. That hotel which perfectly balances out quality and quantity and endeavours to provide their guests with all that goes into making their experience at the hotel astounding and absolutely glitch-free. That hotel which has been awarded the best 5 star luxury hotel in 2015 and lives up to that honour in every way possible. That hotel is none other than The Grand, New Delhi.

With the advent of online booking provisions, everything can be done online - from flight ticket booking to hotel rooms. The process of online booking is pretty simple and user-friendly so that people from all age groups can do it themselves. When it comes to hotels, booking online is the best option since this ensures that you won’t have to wander from one hotel to another in search of the perfect room.

With rising trend in tourism, The Grand has flourished into one of the most trusted and opted-for luxury hotels in Delhi. Considering the recommendation from all of our guests, infallible service, unmatched technology and provisions and the sheer opulence that only a brief stay won’t suffice to imbibe the hotel’s elegance and grandeur. And all of this makes online booking of Delhi 5-star hotels absolutely elementary.

With 390 well-equipped rooms divided in all categories for your convenience, you can choose from a variety of options as to which room would best suit your purpose of your stay. If you are a business traveller, our conference-cum-banquet halls are always available for our guests to hold meetings, get-togethers and parties.

With The Grand, you can book 5 star Delhi hotels online without any sort of glitch or difficulty. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi to the guests who book their rooms through our official website, making it even more advantageous and beneficial.

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