Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Best in the World of Luxury Hotels: The Grand, New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of our vast land, is a celebration of our culture and our diverse identities. It is a place where history meets modernity, where the technological industry is booming and the hospitality industry continues to flourish. It is a land as much of foreigners, as of locals. It is a land where people from different states, cities, or perhaps countries, can come and not feel out of place. Everybody has a spot here, because here street shopping and outlet malls exists in harmony. Here roadside momo stands and 5 star hotels, encourage each other and add to the culinary scene of the city in varying ways. The Grand hotel, New Delhi, among the best 5 star luxury hotels in New Delhi, is a celebration of this magnificent city.

At the Grand, everything is spectacular. We have eight different restaurants for you to choose from, if food is what you are looking to explore. Each with a unique view of the city, and with a unique menu that delights your palate, at the Grand you truly can find the best of the food industry in our country. Be it Chinese, Indian, Continental, savory, deserts, any course, any meal, you are bound to be met with an explosion of flavors, and not just a dish, but rather an experience. Their rooms are the epitome of luxury. With the most comfortable beds and lovely decor, any of our rooms or suites would provide you with everything you are looking for and more, in terms of a luxury stay at the Grand. We have various meeting spaces, for your every public gathering requirement. If you’re throwing a cocktail party, our picturesque Cascades garden could be the perfect spot for your lively evening. If you’d rather stay in doors, they’ve got a number of beautiful halls for you to choose from. We’ve got various sizes of meeting spaces, depending on how many people you’d like to accommodate, and the nature of the gathering. Our rejuvenating spa is just another wonderful reason for you to hurry up and book your stay at this 5 star luxury hotel in New Delhi. We have various packages for you to choose from, to give your body and mind that much needed, and much deserved break. At the Grand, New Delhi, we know what luxury means to you, and we deliver. We work towards giving you the best version of luxury during your stay with us, because we know you’ve strived hard and lost a lot of hours of sleep to get to a point where you can gift yourself this.

So come over to the home of the Qutub Minaar, of the Red Fort, of music, food and celebration in its modern beauty. Find your way into the heart of your homeland, not the geographic center but the center of everything India is, and everything it is becoming. Come over to the Grand, New Delhi, and we will take care of you like no one else ever has.  For More Info click here :  http://www.thegrandnewdelhi.com

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