Tuesday, 21 June 2016


 The Grand New Delhi is winning a lot of hearts recently. It comes not as a surprise, but as a reasonable answer that lies behind the question of a successful five-star hotel in Delhi, India. In New Delhi, five-star hotels have sprung up at a very fast pace and it is a challenging task to make your own mark by standing out from the rest of them. The Grand New Delhi has successfully maintained their superiority over the rest of five-star hotels in Delhi, India.

Previously, it was known as The Grand Hyatt, and since then it has only moved forward without looking back. It has grown with each step and with it has also grown the quality of the services that are offered to its guests. Living here will not only allow you to experience a world-class luxurious atmosphere but it also makes your stay in Delhi more memorable.

The Grand New Delhi infuses the Italian ambience in its very soul and provides to the visitors a chance to feel the international vibes along with the Indian tradition which forms the other half of its identity. Haven for weary travelers, The Grand makes sure that no inconvenience is caused at any step of the stay here. The zeal with which every individual at The Grand New Delhi serves its customers creates a benchmark among the five-star hotels in Delhi.

The location at which the Grand New Delhi currently stands is also the best that one could hope to find in Delhi. It is near to various entertainment centers and malls and is also connected to numerous other city conveniences that make your stay here all the more pleasant. All other New Delhi five-star hotels know its worth and they try to achieve the standards that it maintains. With the kind of experience that The Grand New Delhi provides, it has certainly the ability to become the best luxury hotel, not just in India but the whole world.


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