Monday, 27 June 2016


A 5-star luxury hotel in New Delhi, The Grand has it all that you are looking for. It doesn’t leave much scope for competition between itself and the South Delhi 5-star hotels because the magnificence that it emanated leaves behind any other 5-star luxury hotel in New Delhi. It has the perfect location in South Delhi that most 5-star hotels fail to match up. Ideally located at the heart of Delhi-NCR, it is a great destination spot for both the international and national travellers.

The elegant rooms and suites are unmatched by any of its competitors and provide a fine insight into the luxury that The Grand New Delhi has to offer. All the other South Delhi 5-star hotels are easily put to shame because of its world-class infrastructure and services. You will be awestruck from the moment you enter here. Every detail in the hotel is designed with an acute western taste while maintaining its uniqueness as a 5-star luxury hotel in New Delhi.

To make a rational choice, it is the only option that gives you full value for your money and you can be sure that every penny spent here is well spent.  Giving new meaning to luxury and the idea of beauty, The Grand has been a huge success in the recent past and one can say that it is definitely the best South Delhi 5-star hotel; because of its prime location it has gathered that image. Very close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, it leaves you asking yourself why not to stay here. It is comfortable yet different, elegant yet bold; a perfect blend of the best that one can rightfully expect out of a 5-star luxury hotel not just in New Delhi but in the whole world.

It is needless to say that if you come to New Delhi or if you are already living here then you should come to The Grand at least once to experience the magic that it has to offer and see a totally new side of the city that you have never seen before.


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