Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hotel Offers and Discounts Offers at The Grand, New Delhi

How would a quiet weekend getaway feel after a whole week of chasing targets and meeting deadlines? Or some pampering at an exotic spa to just cool down the senses? Some yoga experience would also be enlightening then right? One must be thinking if these three can be amalgamated and included in a single weekend getaway? With The Grand, New Delhi, you surely can have all that and add much more zing as well. For an experience that is more than just relaxing, step into The Grand.

All travelers who visit Delhi often are quite well versed with the hospitality and the services that The Grand boasts of. It is not without a reason that it is considered one of the best options for accommodation in the capital of the country. Quiet, private, relaxed and a perfect ambiance for you to get rid of all your weekday worries, forget deadlines and just sit back and take life at its own pace for a while during your grand stay with us.

At The Grand, there are continuous hotel offers and discounts extended to our guests so that we don’t miss out on any opportunity to welcome you and treat you with the best possible hospitality and services. With discounted room prices and other offers that are often given out for customers, you can have more to enjoy and experience.

The Grand is a quiet haven in the middle of all the hocus-pocus and takes you on a journey that is not just tranquil but also largely memorable. The winner of the best five-star luxury hotel 2015, The Grand has state-of-art amenities, the best culinary treasures with more than five restaurants serving cuisines from all around the world.

The hotel welcomes guests from all over the world and from different walks of life as well. To that end, it ensures that each guest can experience a wholly personal, private and individualistic service system. So, if you are a businessman on an official trip, look no further than The Grand to make your business trip double as a luxury one. Conference rooms are well-equipped with all modern amenities to hold events and/or meetings. The hotel event manager takes care of all the required duties, including catering, serving the guests, music and everything else.

With special offers and discounts on room rates, one can easily fit in world-class relaxation and a five-star stay into the budget and take away much more from it. Spas, massages, therapies, outside swimming pool, banquets are few of the amenities that The Grand boasts of. Other than that, there is a yoga and fitness center for all those fitness freaks out there. With The Grand, you can have the feeling of a five-star home instead of just a hotel. The experience is complete, unforgettable and absolutely exotic. Once you have stayed in The Grand, New Delhi, it is next to impossible to think of anywhere else.

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