Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Luxury Living in Five Star Hotels, New Delhi

Luxury life might not be everyone’s daily way of life. We stress, work day and night, chase deadlines and rush through time. This leads to a saturation point where the mind and the body cannot take it anymore and demands some leisurely time off work. Now, if you cannot buy enough time for a two-week long vacation with your family and friends, you could choose to live in a space which gives you a feeling similar to an exotic vacation. Now, what could that be? You could simply opt for a hotel extraordinaire which is beyond just a hotel and more of a rejuvenating experience. Delhi is one of the best options for not only business travelers who come in from all over the world for work. Also, foreign tourists, delegates-opt for a hotel that serves the purpose of both leisure and work. What if you could pack in some quality leisure time with work? At The Grand, you surely can. Among five star hotels in New Delhi, India, The Grand has acquired a primary status among them and has successfully lived up to it for years now.

From spas, massage and therapies at the Oasis Spa, to fitness and yoga centers, The Grand packs in a total punch which other New Delhi five star hotels don’t.

At the Grand, the 390 rooms are well-equipped with all the state-of-the-art amenities with an unparalleled service to go with it. At The Grand, it is believed that the guest is truly the God. Through its excellent hospitality, The Grand affords to extend the true essence of India’s culture and values to the foreign tourists and travelers.

A conference center, a banquet-cum-events space, outdoor swimming pool, seven internationals cuisines, bars, and a patisserie are the other things that this five-star luxury hotel boasts of. So, the next time you are searching for five-star hotels in Delhi, India, make sure you opt for nothing less than the very best , i.e., The Grand.

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