Friday, 11 November 2016

Brace Yourself For The Most Luxurious Experience Of Your Life At The Grand, New Delhi

It might just be that you heard from a friend, relative or neighbour how amazing that hotel was in New Delhi. So close to the airport and other important landmarks and yet not sacrificing on any of the qualities that make it a luxury hotel. That hotel which perfectly balances out quality and quantity and endeavors to provide their guests with all that goes into making their experience at the hotel astounding and absolutely glitch-free. That hotel which has been awarded the best 5 star luxury hotel in 2015 and lives up to that honor in every way possible. Staying in that hotel has been absolutely gratifying as it proved to be an additional factor which made the trip absolutely unforgettable. There might be so many hotels in New Delhi which claim to be the pioneers and the premieres of luxury stay in Delhi. But, it is this hotel which silently goes on proving its promises through actions. This hotel that is called the one and only The Grand. Staying true to it’s name,

The Grand is proud to be a major reason behind innumerable guests having the most marvelous time in the heart and capital of India, New Delhi. The Grand hopes to reinvent the thresholds of hospitality and aims to keep pushing these boundaries everyday in order to achieve newer and greater heights. What keeps us going is the objective to be the best and serve the best to our guests.

The Grand also comes in the list of hotels from budget to luxury, and to that end we have 309 rooms sub-divided in all categories so that you can choose a room that suits your budget and your convenience. Rest assured, be ready for an experience that couldn’t get any more wonderful and exquisite.

With lush spas, exciting activities, luscious interiors, well-equipped rooms, state-of-the-art facilities and so much more, how can one NOT have a good time? No matter how brief or lengthy your stay is, no matter from which part of the world or the country you’re coming from and no matter what your purpose of visit, expect The Grand to have a solution for all your needs.

The hotel, s=being situated at the heart of Delhi-NCR is one of the most-favored accommodation options for the business and the leisure travelers alike. This itself speaks volumes of the versatility and the multi-faceted nature of service in The Grand which makes it a favorite among travelers and tourists of all kinds and origins. For the business traveler, there couldn’t have been a more calm and peaceful ambiance to work and yet enjoy your fair share of leisure. For the other kind(s), The Grand is the ideal destination to unwind and relax and explore the wonder that is Delhi.

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