Wednesday, 16 November 2016

At The Grand, We Redefine Luxury

What if you could get a hotel that is beyond the ordinary boundaries of luxury and lavishness? What if you could stay in a hotel that treats more than just a guest and goes a step further everytime to ensure that you have an absolutely glitch-free experience? Would you still choose the ordinary ones? If your answer is no, then you just have found your luxury destination in the heart of Delhi without even going far from the airport. It is none other but The Grand, New Delhi that can offer you such wonderful provisions and much, much more and be distinguished from all other New Delhi luxury hotels.

The Grand always has something in store for each and every guest, no matter where they are coming from or what their purpose of visit is. From 8 restaurants that serve cuisines from ll over the world, mini-bars, patisserie and the much-acclaimed Spa Oasis to fitness and yoga centers, you name it and The Grand has it. During your stay at The Grand, you will not only be able to explore the different media of rejuvenation, but also go back with a refreshed mind that is ready for work. That is to say, The Grand offers you the best option if you are looking for a hotel that goes beyond every boundary to and re-evaluate the limits of a luxury hotel. To that end, The Grand makes sure that no stone is left unturned in our perennial effort to make the guest feel at home and that is what goes into making The Grand one of the most favored stay destinations among the other 5 star hotel in New Delhi.

Having said all that, what matters the most, though, is that The Grand has never failed to startle its guests each and every time with new offers, discounts and facilities. The hotel endeavors to push its boundaries every time and go a step further to provide you the best service, making it one of the most sought after accommodation destinations in New Delhi.

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