Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We Make Your Getaways Extra Luxurious At The Grand, New Delhi

You know your next vacation or even a short getaway is bound to be special and exciting when you have struggled for that leave for months now. You plan it from weeks before and picturizing each day quite ideally. But have you made the proper arrangements for it? Flight ticket booking, car booking, hotel booking - there are myriad bookings that need to be done before you set out on your much-awaited trip. For if your want it to go glitch-free, you ought to make preparations for it. Flight tickets can be booked online and so can be cars, but what about the ideal luxurious stay you had planned? How do you know if the hotel will live up to all your expectations? Especially if your trip is planned in the capital of India, Delhi. Delhi has a vast number of stay options in all categories of hotels. When you land up in Delhi, you will find hotels of all ranges and qualities, making you feel lost for choice. But not all can be the best, can they? So make your decision wisely and trust a hotel that is considered best by expert hotel connoisseurs, like The Grand, New Delhi. The Grand has been awarded the title of the Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel, 2015.

The Grand has been on the top of the favourites list of guests for long due to its consistency in serving only the best in all spheres. With outstanding provisions to just unwind and relax in its unmatched ambience, The Grand offers a unique luxury getaway resort in Delhi. If you are looking for a hotel that promises to be the best and strives for it, achieving amazing heights, The Grand is your go-to place. No matter what your requirements, the staff at The Grand makes sure that you get everything that adds to your overall experience of absolute serenity and rejuvenation.

From exquisite restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world to mini-bars, exotic spas and fitness centres to outdoor swimming pools, you name it and The Grand has it. When you are staying at The Grand, not a minute goes dull or boring. Opulent interiors, well-equipped rooms, a highly trained and dedicated staff and facilities that will never run out of ways to amuse you, The Grand, being, is a welcome change in the hospitality field in Delhi. If you are looking for a hotel that is more than just an accommodation option and adds to the excitement of your trip to Delhi in the most elegant manner. The Grand does not follow the norms of luxury. Instead, it is extremely progressive and develops and improves with developments in the demands of the guests.

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