Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Deck the Halls of the Grand, New Delhi

Looking for the best way to spend Christmas? Hoping to escape this holiday season into a paradise where you are pampered and cared for? Wanting to enjoy the holiday cheer in a manner like none other? Then the Grand hotel, New Delhi is precisely what you are looking for! There is nothing more enjoyable this Christmas, than a stay at The Grand, New Delhi. If you are a luxury traveler and Delhi is on your map, then The Grand is definitely where you should be staying this winter. They truly understand what it means to celebrate Christmas, and that’s exactly what they offer you. Christmas is a festival of spreading joy and happiness, being grateful for the goodness in the world and propagating it further. It is about reminding people how kindness can multiply and advance, if only you initiate it. It is exactly this spirit of happiness and goodness that The Grand hotel, New Delhi, brings you!

What better way to spend Christmas, than in the best New Delhi luxury hotel? This holiday season enjoy at the decked halls of the Grand where the best parties of the year are thrown. Their unique ballrooms and event spaces bring to you simply magical and serenading parties this Christmas season. For the lone luxury traveler, there are eight different types of restaurants from which he can explore the flavours of the world and treat himself to delicacies from Asia or from right at home, and even indulge in the quintessential Christmas treats and goodies. Their luxurious rooms and sweets, their rejuvenating spa, their in house gym, outdoor pool, delicious restaurants, exquisite meeting spaces, place the Grand, New Delhi high up among the best 5 star hotels in New Delhi.

So book your stay at the Grand this Christmas, if you truly want to experience what it feels like to live a miracle!

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