Friday, 23 December 2016

The Christmas You Deserve at the Best Luxury Hotel

Christmas is that beautiful time of the year which makes everything appear newly aglow even though the year is coming to a close. The skies are grey but the stars shine brighter, the mornings are foggy but the cold makes us all come closer. Christmas is like a subtle last minute year-end reminder that we are stronger, happier, livelier, and in more literal terms, warmer, when we are together. Images of Christmas bring to mind lavish rooms with beautiful curtains, all your favorite people, the magnanimous evergreen pine, beautiful, resplendent ornaments, just about every colour that reminds you of life, in an otherwise dark and gloomy surrounding. The air hangs heavy, it turns dark sooner, it drives people indoors sooner. However it’s the one time of the year when indoors is the best place to be. Festive lights, decorations everywhere, hot cocoa in your hands, cheerful carols looming in the air, happy faces, smiles abound! It’s surprising how the cold, which you would assume has a dampening, deadening effect, manages to bring new life! Christmas after all, is a celebration of life, a celebration of miracle. And what a miraculous time of year it is! There is absolutely nothing which compares to this special time of year.

It can be difficult to have to work during this wondrous time of year. However, a little bit of luxury and familiar festive cheer can make everything alright. This is exactly what you get at the Grand hotel, New Delhi! Being one of the best luxury business hotels near Delhi airport, makes this the perfect place to stay at during your business travels to Delhi this Christmas season. They will not fail to remind you of the essence of Christmas and provide you with a little bit of sparkle even as you work hard for your ambitions or for your loved ones. Their luxury rooms, their eight restaurants each with an exquisite cuisine and delightful food, their relaxing spa treatments, even their in house gym or their lavish Cascades garden, all of them make you feel a little bit at home, and definitely cherished.

So check into one of the best luxury hotels near Delhi airport, the Grand, New Delhi, to ensure that you can still have the beautiful Christmas you deserve!

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