Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Get The Best 5-star Luxury Hotel Near the Airport. Check-in At the Grand, New Delhi

What do you do when you just land in a strange city and rush from one hotel to another near the airport, not willing to sacrifice on quality for the proximity of the hotel to the International Airport. Hotel booking near airport can be a little hectic, especially because we are mostly willing to settle for the nearest hotel.

For international travelers and tourists or frequent flyers, it is particularly essential that they book their accommodation in a hotel near the International Airport. As far as Delhi is concerned, it is visited by more international tourists, travelers and businessman than any other city in India, perhaps. Majority of the time, Delhi ranks the first in the go-to destinations in the itineraries of travelers and tourists. In a city which welcomes everyone and anyone and strives to provide accommodation to everyone, many hotels have popped up throughout the city. But for visitors whose first priority when it comes to hotels is its proximity to International Airport.

 The hotel acts as the first host to the international visitors in the city and it is essential that they receive a heart-warming welcome, typical to Indians all over the country. So, if you land in Delhi, don’t fumble for hotels near the airport, book yourself a room in The Grand, New Delhi through an easy online hotel booking process.

The Grand’s reputation as the best 5-Star luxury hotel in Delhi near the Airport attracts guests from all over the world. Our impeccable service, well-equipped rooms, spa services, world-class restaurants, and multiple activities are enough to attract your fancy. Even if you are a businessman visiting Delhi for official reasons, at The Grand, you can effortlessly combine leisure with work. It is your stay, you have the power to regulate it the way you want. The Grand will, in all stages, provide you with services which enables you to do so.

Hospitality in Delhi is evolving and developing and The Grand stands at the very peak of that. Check-in to know why.

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