Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A New Chance at Life and the Perfect Party

New Year’s Eve is that one night that all of us begin anticipating almost half way through the year. The second we realize that the next year is close, that this one is close to being past, we begin looking forward to New Year’s Eve and everything it stands for, all the hope and promise of happiness it bears. The New Year holds the possibility of endless things. It holds the probability of your dreams, of your wildest dreams becoming a reality. It holds the promise of you finally getting all that you have been longing for. It presents an entirely new motivation, a motivation to make things right, to make things the way you want them to be in this new calendar year. If nothing else, it presents the promise of everything you have regretted in the past year, of all your failures, all your irrational inhibitions, your devastating stories, your broken bridges, ceasing to exist, it presents the promise of a clean slate. Isn’t there something magical about the fact that from one day to the next, an entire year changes? A new year has implications in all facets of our lives, and most often we end up having the best time of our lives on the last day of the year, and letting that transcend into being the best beginning for the year to come.

The perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve, which stands for all these large things, is to make it grand. If it is ‘grand’ you’re looking for, your search can only start and end with the magnificent Grand hotel, New Delhi! That’s right people; you can move your New Year’s festivities to the Grand this New Year’s Eve and truly throw the best party of the year! If it is a cocktail party you’re looking for, what better location than the Cascades garden of one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi? If you’re worried about the winter cold, don’t worry, because the Grand has got you covered with their 30,000 square feet of extravagant and versatile meeting spaces, so you find exactly what you’re looking for!

So check in to the Grand New Delhi this holiday season, to experience what one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi has to offer. With their luxurious rooms & delicious food, and beautiful event spaces, you will undoubtedly be blown away!

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