Friday, 13 January 2017

The Grand, New Delhi Is Everything You Look For In a 5-Star Luxury Hotel

We know that making reservations and booking tickets, as exciting as they are, also make for the most hectic bit of the travel itinerary? If you have your package with a travel agent, that is taken care of. But, if you decide to be your own travel agent then you will know what the hassle is. Looking for flight/train tickets, booking it for your family or friends, look for the right hotel, make reservations. But wait, what do we mean when we say the “right” hotel or a “nice” hotel? That it should just be clean and have a balcony? Or that it should be fully-equipped with all the modern technologies, be comforting, have an amazing staff, instant service, provides activities, etc. If you are thinking that it is hardly possible to get all that for yourself in a hotel, you are mistaken.

When it comes to a city like Delhi which is always bustling with foreign and domestic tourists and travelers, getting a hotel which is worth your money and justifies the purpose of your stay in the city will be very taxing, then you may just be headed in the wrong direction.

If you are a tourist visiting Delhi solely for recreational purposes or if you are a businessman looking for the ideal hotel to hold your meeting with important delegates, just book your stay in The Grand, one of the most renowned and favored 5-Star hotels in Delhi. The Grand’s reputation among the guests who have enjoyed their stay with us as one of the most resplendent stay options in Delhi makes sure that they keep coming back.

Located at a short distance of a 15-minute drive from the Delhi International Airport, The Grand’s features, service, hospitality and it’s sheer elegance make it one of the best stay options in Delhi. It isn’t just a hotel which only promises you an unforgettable stay, we achieve at. The staff at The Grand never leaves any stone upturned to make your stay in Delhi and in The Grand worth the while and the money.

Come, enjoy luxury stay in Delhi only at The Grand, New Delhi .

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