Thursday, 21 July 2016


The Grand New Delhi is a reputed name among the world-class luxury hotel in India. It is certainly one of the best places to stay at while you are in Delhi. It is a 5-star hotel which is up for online booking and, therefore, you can reserve a place beforehand from wherever you are. The Grand is one of the most desired places to stay at in Delhi as it is located in the best spot in New Delhi. You will know its true worth only if you come here and see it with your own eyes. The Grand New Delhi has every grand feature that one can rightfully expect out of a 5-star luxury hotel. Due to its unmatched excellence, it has even won the Luxury Hotel Awards, 2015.

You can check out other hotels in its category but no one has the ability to match up to the expectations that The Grand has built in the recent years. And to think that this 5-star hotel is available for online booking means that you have a great opportunity to snatch and fulfil your dream of enjoying the best of the luxuries here at The Grand. The visitors are highly satisfied with the work done by the staff here which provides one of the best and the most exclusive treatment for your specific needs. It boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure and equally unmatched facilities. It is a chance for a retreat into an appealing and relaxing place which guarantees you a very rememberable time.

The Grand New Delhi has an image that most of other hotels can only imagine having and the quality is so good that it can put any luxury hotel around the world to shame. You can get a glimpse of its brilliance just by comparing it to other 5-star hotels while booking online. It is located near to various city conveniences including the airport and it has only the best to offer to you. Make sure to visit The Grand to experience the magic firsthand.

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