Wednesday, 27 July 2016


In New Delhi, five-star hotels have recently been sprawling up one after another, but The Grand New Delhi has stood out among them all and has gained a reputation for being the best among the five-star hotels in New Delhi, and in India. Due to its sheer brilliance, it has been able to gather much attention and positive reviews from people around the world. Winner of the prestigious Luxury Hotel Awards 2015, The Grand New Delhi has become the primary choice among the five-star hotels in Delhi.
Located in the heart of Delhi-NCR, it is positioned ideally, firstly because it is the best that one could hope to find in New Delhi, and secondly because no other hotel has positioned itself in such an advantageous location. Besides that, the services offered at this five-star hotel are marvellous and raise the bar among the five-star hotels in New Delhi. With world class infrastructure and facilities, it offers the best that a five-star hotel in Delhi could offer. Various customer specific personal health care options are available to fulfil all the varying needs and desires of the people staying here.  It is simply a great place for any kind of social event and plans such as weddings and birthday parties. The Grand unarguably stands out by providing the best services.

It is known to have a rather rich tradition of comfort and luxury altogether with state of the art facilities. The Grand has won many hearts in the recent years because of its reputation. One can find all the modern facilities that one can hope for in any five-star hotel. If you live here, you can be sure that you are getting the best out of the money that you have spent. It's unlike the most five-star hotel. The Italian vibe that it emanates makes it stand out the most. Besides, it is located very closely to various entertainment hubs, city conveniences, diplomatic institutes and the airport, which makes it an even more preferred destination spot among the five-star hotels in New Delhi.

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