Tuesday, 12 July 2016


The Grand New Delhi is not just a name, but it is a living example of the perfection that it exhibits. Certainly, one of the best hotels in New Delhi, it has made huge leaps in the market and comes on top without much difficulty. It is a choice that you definitely would not regret making if you decide to come here. The Grand has shown its worth many times and it would not be wrong to say that it is the only option worth considering among the 5-star luxury hotels in New Delhi. It has been blessed with the Luxury Hotel Award, 2015 and has made huge strides among the best hotels in New Delhi and in India.

Widely known both nationally as well as internationally, The Grand New Delhi has been a constant feature in the life of many successful people and they choose it every time because it is like a second home to them and a really beautiful home for that matter. It lies close to various entertainment and corporate spots in Delhi-NCR and it’s not hard to imagine why it is dubbed as being among the list of best hotels in New Delhi. It is also in close proximity to the Indira Gandhi International airport at just a distance of eight kilometres.

The many perks of living here are a true advantage for any visitor who comes here. While living here, you will feel that this is the most satisfying experience you have ever had. It is due to this reason that The Grand New Delhi is admired worldwide and loved by people genuinely with all their hearts. The quality is superior to any other world-class luxury hotel and every bit of effort is made to maintain that. Living here touches you in many ways and you will definitely want to come here again if you get to taste the lifestyle that The Grand offers to its guests. You can expect only the best of the services since it is one of the best hotels in New Delhi. To know more information about best hostels in New Delhi please click here .

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