Tuesday, 19 July 2016


The Grand New Delhi is at the pinnacle of luxury business hotels near Delhi airport. Constantly reaching new heights, the hotel has come to the limelight after winning several awards and positive reviews since its inception. People come to Delhi on business trips very often and spend most of the time in flights, car rides, and meetings; the usual mundane experience of the life of a businessman. The atmosphere at this unique and comforting hotel is a nice change for the sore eyes. Stress gets accumulated very fast at such times and The Grand New Delhi’s rich tradition of luxury helps you to unwind that stress.

It garners a huge amount of votes because of its highly satisfactory location. It is located only at a distance of eight km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Most luxury business hotels in Delhi don’t have that advantage. It is easy to get confused when making a choice to find a suitable hotel. And it sounds like an obvious answer that the business class looks for that kind of advantage in a luxury hotel. This indispensable feature has given The Grand an edge in the highly competitive market. The Grand New Delhi has the upper-hand in its category as a luxury business hotel near Delhi airport. The Diplomatic enclaves also lie in a close range. Not just that, it is fairly close to the various popular entertainment hubs of the city. On a business trip, most of the people forget to enjoy.  In the evenings, you can either go to the malls or other destination spots to get to know Delhi better.
The problem that most hotels have is that they often get too monotonous. As a person who has to stay at a lot of hotels, it certainly becomes tiring and also unwanted to go through the ordeal of the same experience every single time. Here, at The Grand, a lot of efforts go into the planning and execution of a one of a kind experience to all the visitors. It is a part of the successful Saraf Hotel Enterprises which has several luxury hotels in various parts of the country. The vast experience that The Grand has will definitely enrich your time here in a profound manner.  

In the modern world, where the fast lifestyles have a huge amount of demands, The Grand New Delhi fulfils all the needs that you can think of. Gradually, it has come to reach the status and fame that the Saraf Hotel Enterprise has maintained during several decades. There is absolutely nothing that it falls short of and lives quite up to your expectations. The environment here is friendly, the staff is extremely helpful and the infrastructure matches up to the standards of any world-class luxury hotel across the globe. The taste of this place will linger even after a long time in your minds. So come visit and experience yourself the magic of The Grand New Delhi, the best luxury business hotel near Delhi airport.

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