Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Best Accommodation in Delhi - The Grand

Delhi is like the dream city. While Mumbai might be the city of dreams, Delhi is the dream city. A city which nestles both India’s rich heritage and culture of centuries and also the growing and developing infrastructure of India. Delhi, as high as its population might be, is expanding every day. It is not only welcoming but gives an opportunity to every youth who comes to the city to fulfil their dreams or lead a certain way of life. Delhi is a city with many faces. One is the face that shows the posh side of it, the other shows the face of poverty. But with every flaw and every perfection, Delhi rises a little every day. And hence, being a city as magnificent and awe-inspiring as it is, it attracts tourists and travellers of all sorts from every part of the country and the world.

With every other sector, like the industrial sector, transport and communication sector, IT sector, etc., the travel and tourism sector is expanding as well. There are more travel agents in Delhi than ever, there are hotels springing up in every corner of the city in order to provide accommodation to the visitors and there are constant efforts to improve the facilities for the foreign travellers every day. 

But, do you which are the best 5-star luxury hotels in Delhi? How do you choose among so many, when there is such multiplicity in choice?

You go with the best which is none other than The Grand. When you visit a city like Delhi which is packed with excitement, thrill, leisure, and warmth, how can you let the quality of your hotel let that down?

The Grand, being the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, 2015, efficiently revs up your entire duration of stay in Delhi and makes sure that you have not only a comfortable but a highly unforgettable stay.

The Grand, with 390 elegantly furnished rooms and suites, welcomes you to an experience like no other. Our 8 outstanding nightlife and dining destinations ensure that you can have your days of letting your hair down and eating to your very limit. If that isn’t your cup of tea, our much-acclaimed Spa Oasis sure will be with its eloquent services like massage, therapy, etc for you to unwind and relax.

Our guests can also enjoy long and undisturbed baths at the sprawling swimming pools set under the sky, or just unwind doing some yoga at our gym and yoga center. To keep it short, we have everything at your disposal which might make a difference and help you make your stay more comfortable, yielding and absolutely luxurious.

If you are the explorer kind, our 24/7 cab services will take you in and around the city for sight-seeing. A glimpse of Delhi life can also be enjoyed at the famous malls like DLF Promenade, DLF Emporia, Ambience Mall and the elite South Delhi neighbourhood, all of which is situated in close proximity to the hotel.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities combined with a 30,000 square feet, well-equipped banquet-cum-conference hall and an extremely dedicated staff, all go into making your experience unforgettable and worthy of a lovely memory.

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