Thursday, 30 March 2017

Drive Out Of The Delhi International Airport Straight To The Grand

Hotel booking is a fairly arduous task. It includes a lot of research and a little bit of risk-taking whenever you book hotels online. Having said that, it should also be mentioned that there are still those quintessential old school travellers who believe in actually visiting the hotel before coming to a decision. It is a matter of your accomodation for a few days, after all. But, in a city like Delhi, roaming around from one hotel to another after you have just landed in the city can be tiring. So, why not just end up in one of the best and renowned hotels near Delhi International Airport? The Grand, New Delhi, is a boon to all these old-school travellers and tourists as it truly offers what it promises - world-class 5-star luxury treatment to our guests.

All your demands and requirements will be taken care of right at The Grand, New Delhi, the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, 2015.
The Grand is a 5-star luxury property, highly reputed for its excellence, supremacy in service, and its ability and constant efforts to not only break the norms of luxury hospitality but create new ones that are unmatched and impeccable.

The Grand offers not only one of the best but the best-in-class service to each of its customers. We at The Grand don’t believe in collective luxury, per se. Every customer should have their own demands and requirements fulfilled, whatever it might be. This is to ensure that every guest enjoys a distinguished and unique experience.

The dedicated and highly-trained staff at the hotel leave no stone unturned to look after your requirements and ensure that you have a glitch-free stay. It is not only because of our claims of being the best and the pioneer in 5-star luxury hotels in Delhi that has taken us to the very top, but it is through our consistent efforts that we have succeeded in satisfying each of our guests.

If you are looking for hotels near Delhi Airport, look no further than The Grand.

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