Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Grand Is The Best 5-Star Luxury Hotel In Delhi To Offer The Best Getaway Package

Nowadays, we rely a lot on online articles, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles to plan our next “getaways”. The term, “getaway”, is so new and trending that everyone is using it instead of ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday’. And do you know why? Because vacations and holidays have always been getaways. Our family vacations, when we were small used to be planned every six months in order to relieve us of the study and work stress. So, we went travelling to get away from the everyday life, experience the life, art, culture and food of a different city, state or even country. So, that’s why the term ‘getaway’ is so relevant nowadays. But, what if one does not want to choose an exotic destination which is expected to be packed with other tourists but instead, plan a solitary getaway with a dear one or with just your close family?

What if it is deadlines, your boss’ yelling voice, the cabin in your office that you want to get away from, without anyone to tag along with you?

To get away from the daily routines of life, we often tend to include some pampering which not only makes us feel better but also helps us to get back to work with refreshed energy. In that case, a trip to Goa where a thousand other tourists will be crowding the beaches just does not do justice to the kind of peace and tranquility that you are looking for. So, why not just book yourself a beautiful, elegant room right in the heart of a magnificent city like Delhi in a hotel which has all the facilities and will serve you the way you want them to? That way, you can live the cosmopolitan life when you want, the peaceful life when you want - best of both worlds. And what other place is best suited for this purpose than The Grand?

Just like you, we also believe in getaways and hence, have included a grand Spa Getaway Package in our scheme to offer you the best, pre-planned, super-luxurious stay in the awarded best luxury hotel in Delhi?

You ask for it, and we bring it to you. At The Grand, we firmly believe in the subjective nature of ‘luxury’ and hence, ensure that each and every guest receives a unique, and distinguished experience with us.

The Grand boasts of 390 well-furnished and elegantly decorated rooms with 24/7 to your perusal. Besides that, our guests can also enjoy world-class food at one of our 8 dining and nightlife destinations. If you are someone who believes in mental and physical fitness, our gym and yoga centers can be your second home. Other that all these, The Grand arranges airport pick ups and drops, sight-seeing tours in and around Delhi and cab services for our guests.

There might be many other accommodation options available to you but the luxury and comfort you experience out of an accommodation in the Grand Premium Room is unmatched. It is exquisite, exclusive and highly private so that you can enjoy the company of just yourself and/or your loved ones without any interruptions. The Grand does not leave any stone unturned to ensure that your stay with us is smooth, comfortable, homely and absolutely glitch-free. 

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