Thursday, 9 March 2017

Getaway With The Grand, New Delhi

Getaways are the new thing now. Getaway from the city life, getaway from deadlines and targets, getaway from the study and work stress and getaway from the daily routine. But getaway to where? Somewhere exotic? Somewhere near the ocean or somewhere near the mountains? But wait. What if you don’t get a leave in the middle of the month but cannot take the work stress anymore. It is a human mind after all. What did we learn about all work and no play?

And so, to get a little play in between all that work, to getaway with our friends, or family or sometimes just by ourselves. It is not only a break period but also serves as an enriching experience where one gets to reflect, think, unwind and relax.
When planning such a getaway, you ought to make sure that it goes all according to the plan and quite perfectly. There is no time to spare for bad holidays, right? So, if your boss doesn’t give you the nod for a 5-day break for you to escape to the mountains or to the sea, fret not. Choose a hotel right in the city which can give you the ideal ambience, facilities and environment to just revivify your mind so that you can have a fresh start. Make The Grand your ultimate destination for an enriching Spa Getaway Package where you get to enjoy the best of both worlds - accommodation in Grand Premium Room and the king-like treatment at the much-acclaimed Spa Oasis and salon.

The Grand boasts of 390 well-decorated rooms and suites divided into categories for the guests’ convenience. Besides that, we also have 8 outstanding dining and nightlife destinations for the nights when you just want to let your hair down. The Grand is exquisite in ways more than one and it offers an experience which is superior to any other in the 5-star luxury category. What sets us apart from the other hotels is our consistency in maintaining our meticulously-earned reputation and name among guests both international and domestic.

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